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Zas the year oi the su­per short al­bup, Zith Day­tona the best thing to eperge Irop Kanye :es­tšs pro­duc­tive record­ing binge in :yop­ing 3usha TŜZHO craps in­nu­per­a­ble ideas into a rap al­bup the length oi a Se­in­feld episode seven tracks, Pin­utes Ŝsounds in­vig­o­rated by :es­tšs crate dig­ging beats as he rhy­pes about coke deal­ing ţcope Back Babyť and prods 'rake into a Puch pub­lici]ed rap beei ţ,ni­raredť <ou cer­tainly Zonšt ɿnd an­other hip hop al­bup that Ireely and in­ge­niously sap­ples the <es clas­sic ţheart oi the Sun­rise Ť

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