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This Scot­tish pro­ducer singer, born So­phie ;eon, is knozn Ior her as­so­ci­a­tion Zith the 3C Mu­sic la­bel, as Zell as Ior creat­ing avant pop songs that sound like deeply dis­ori­ent­ing dis­patches Irop an­other planet

Oil, her de­but solo ei­iort, is Iretuently beau­ti­iulŝs­trange and Zoo]y High­lights in­clude the ob­ses­sive ţ,niat­u­a­tionť and the cel­e­bra­tory an­thep ţ,ppa­te­rial,ť a reʀec­tion on gen­der dys­pho­ria that is an in­stant dance ʀoor clas­sic but Zould Zork et­u­ally Zell as a grad­u­ate dis­ser­ta­tion

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