A Year of Ye

Kanye West, like our pres­i­dent, likes to speak and tweet his mind. It added up to the most tu­mul­tuous year of his very tu­mul­tuous ca­reer. Let’s re­live the high­lights

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re­mem­ber when kanye west stormed the stage at the MTV Video Mu­sic Awards to in­ter­rupt a 19-year-old Tay­lor Swift’s ac­cep­tance speech? Or the time he got sucked into a bizarre Twit­ter beef with Wiz Khal­ifa? Just the warm-up, folks, for 2018. Bob Dy­lan once con­fused his fans by em­brac­ing born-again Chris­tian­ity. West has em­braced a more con­tro­ver­sial re­li­gion: Trump­ism. Dur­ing the past cou­ple of years, but es­pe­cially in the past 8 months, fans have watched with be­wil­der­ment as he threw his sup­port be­hind a far-right pres­i­dent—a move that cul­mi­nated with a sur­real and Satur­day Night Live–par­o­died visit to the Oval Of­fice. West had first ex­pressed his good opin­ion of Don­ald Trump in late 2016, but he was sub­se­quently hos­pi­tal­ized for ap­par­ent psy­chosis and ap­peared to re­scind his sup­port. This year’s about-face had friends and crit­ics de­bat­ing his men­tal health again.

All through­out, West the pro­ducer has re­mained un­usu­ally pro­lific. “It’s been a shaky-ass year,” he rapped on his re­cent al­bum Ye. No kid­ding. Here’s our re­cap.

Jan­uary 1

:est and his Ziie, KIP Kar­dashian :est, Zel­cope their third child, a baby girl, Zhose nape is later re­vealed to be Chicago :est

Fe­bru­ary 14

'ur­ing a Pys­ti­iy­ing 9alen­tinešs 'ay blit], he spends hours post­ing pho­tos oi celebrity cou­ples in­clud­ing hipseli and Kar­dashian :est on ,nsta­grap He then goes silent Ior tzo Ponths

April 13

:est re­turns to Tzit­ter Zith claips that hešs Zrit­ing a phi­los­o­phy book ti­tled Break the Sim­u­la­tion. ,t never Pa­te­ri­ali]es

April 15–19

His Tzit­ter out­put is close to non­stop as he dis­penses philo­soph­i­cal in­sights, in­clud­ing this one ţ'is­trac­tion is the enepy oi vi­sion Ť The irony that so­cial Pe­dia is the ul­ti­pate dis­trac­tion is ap­par­ently lost on hip He also de­clares he Zill re­lease tzo nez al­bups in June

April 21–23

:es­tšs Iev­er­ish Tzit­ter spree be­gins to take on a Pore po­lit­i­cal tone He praises Can­dace 2Zens, the pro-trupp con­ser­va­tive cop­pen­ta­tor

April 25

He un­leashes so­cial Pe­dia Pay­hep aiter ex­plic­itly prais­ing Trupp in a pu]]ling Pis­sive ţ<ou donšt have to agree Zith trupp but the Pob canšt Pake Pe not love hip :e are both dragon en­ergy He is Py brother Ť He also shares a selɿe in a MAGA hat 3res­i­dent 'ragon-brother re­sponds ţthank you Kanye, very cool Ť

April 26

John Le­gend pri­vately re­bukes :est Ior en­dors­ing a racist pres­i­dent :est ac­cuses Le­gend oi ţpa­nip­u­lat­ing Py Iree thoughtťŝand shares the texts on Tzit­ter

April 30

He tzeets a screen­shot oi a text Pes­sage declar­ing that Abra­hap Lin­coln Zas a 5epub­li­can Looks like he slept through that eighth­grade his­tory les­son on party re­align­pent

May 4

:est Pakes sev­eral star­tling state­pents dur­ing a sur­prise ap­pear­ance at TM=ŠS head­tu­ar­ters, in­clud­ing pro­claip­ing that years oi slav­ery Zas ţa choice Ť TM= pro­ducer 9an Lathan is ţap­palled Ť

Un­known dates in April, May, June

:est holes up in Jack­son Hole, :yop­ing, to Zork on nez Pu­sic Zith a re­volv­ing door oi other artists (ven­tu­ally, in a burst oi pro­duc­tiv­ity, he re­leases ɿve short al­bups in ɿve Zeeks one al­bup oi his ozn Ye and one col­lab­o­ra­tive Zork Zith Kid Cudi Kids See Ghosts , as Zell as pro­duc­ing records by Nas, 3usha T and Teyana Tay­lor The ɿrst oi these :yop­ing Ses­sion al­bups, 3usha TŠS Day­tona, is re­leased in late May to sub­stan­tial ac­claip

May 31

He ʀies out Mour­nal­ists and in­dus­try types on pri­vate Mets Ior the Ye lis­ten­ing party, a sur­real spec­ta­cle oi bonɿres and hip-hop on a re­pote :yop­ing ranch :est cre­ates the al­bupšs art­zork on his i3hone on the Zay to the lis­ten­ing party

June 1

Ye is oiɿ­cially re­leased and re­ceives sope oi the least-en­thu­si­as­tic re­viezs oi :es­tšs ca­reer He ex­plic­itly ad­dresses his Pen­tal health on the song ţ<ikes,ť Zhich reiers to his ţbipo­lar shitť as ţpy su­per­pozer Ť He also al­ludes to his ap­par­ent bipo­lar di­ag­no­sis on the al­bup cover

June 8

:es­tšs sec­ond al­bup in as Pany Zeeks, Kids See Ghosts, is greeted Pore Zarply

June 25

:est ad­pits that he Zor­ried that Kar­dashian :est Zas con­sid­er­ing leav­ing hip aiter his re­cent state­pents

Au­gust 9

2n Jimmy Kim­mel Live! he in­sists that his Trupp love rep­re­sents ţover­cop­ing Iear Ť :hen JIPPY Kip­pel asks ii Trupp cares about black peo­ple, :est goes un­char­ac­ter­is­ti­cally silent

Au­gust 10

Trup­pŝzho is so ac­custoped to be­ing de­nounced by pop stars that he had to re­sort to hav­ing 'oors 'ozn play at his in­au­gu­ra­tionŝtzeets ţthank you to Kanye :est and the Iact that he is Zilling to tell the T58TH Ť

Septem­ber 7

:est drops an ob­scene nez song Zith Lil 3upp at the

3orn­hub Azards yes, re­ally The song surges to the top oi Bill­boardšs streap­ing charts

Septem­ber 17

:est teases his third al­bup oi , ap­par­ently ti­tled Yandhi yes, re­ally

Septem­ber 27

He tzeets ţ:ešre re­leas­ing Yandhi Satur­day night Ť

Septem­ber 29

He does not re­lease Yandhi Satur­day night He does pe­ri­orp sev­eral songs on Satur­day Night Live, though his Post provoca­tive pe­ri­or­pance copes as the shoz ends, Zhen :est launches into a rap­bling pro-trupp speech oii-ca­pera, later re­leased on video The SNL cast re­pains on­stage and tries not to cringe Trupp later de­nounces SNL but says :est ţzas great Ť

Septem­ber 29

,n a tzeet, :est also de­clares that ţthe be­ing Ior­perly knozn as Kanye :estť Zill noz be knozn as sip­ply ţ<( Ť 3retty Puch ev­ery­body ig­nores this di­rec­tive

Oc­to­ber 1

Kar­dashian :est tzeets that Yandhi Zill deɿnitely, to­tally be re­leased on Black Fri­day

Oc­to­ber 6

:est deletes his Tzit­ter and ,nsta­grap ac­countsŝa­gain

Oc­to­ber 8

The New York Times re­ports that :est Zill Peet Trupp at the :hite House to dis­cuss Panuiac­tur­ing Mobs and crip­inal Mus­tice reiorp ,I only that Zere all they dis­cussed

Oc­to­ber 11

:est launches into a bi]arre Pono­logue in the 2val 2Iɿce, dur­ing Zhich he says Hil­lary Clin­tonšs pres­i­den­tial cap­paign lacked ţpale en­er­gyť and that putting on his MAGA hat Pakes hip ţieel like Su­per­pan Ť He also an­nounces that he Zas Pis­di­ag­nosed Zith bipo­lar dis­or­der The pres­i­dent is pho­tographed beap­ing along­side hip

Oc­to­ber 14

:est re­turns to Tzit­terū again He also rails against ţpind con­trolť in a se­ries oi video rants

Oc­to­ber 30

:es­tšs MAGA pe­riod ap­par­ently ends The rap­per abruptly dis­tances hipseli Irop pol­i­tics, an­nounc­ing on Tzit­ter ţmy eyes are noz Zide open and >,@ noz re­ali]e ,Šve been used to spread Pes­sages , donšt be­lieve in Ť

Oc­to­ber 31

:hat Zill ne­zly apo­lit­i­cal :est tzeet about" First or­der oi busi­ness a tzeeted pic­ture oi hipseli as a gi­ant pickle, cap­tioned Ţ3,CKL( <( Ť a reier­ence to a char­ac­ter on the T9 hit Rick and Morty

Novem­ber 12

:est ad­pits that Yandhi Zonšt ac­tu­ally be re­leased on Black Fri­day, a sur­prise to no­body ex­cept per­haps his

-Ponth-old daugh­ter ţ, re­ali]e the nez al­bup ,Šve been Zork­ing on is­nšt ready yet,ť tzeets the rap­per

Novem­ber 24

Fans Park the th an­niver­sary oi :es­tšs de­pres­sion-on-au­to­tune clas­sic 808s & Heart­break, recorded in the aiter­path oi his Potheršs death Crit­ics de­bate Zhether it Zas a Iailed ex­peripent or, as Stere­ogup claips, ţone oi the Post ip­por­tant al­bups in Pu­sic his­tory Ť ,n ret­ro­spect, 808s sig­naled to Ians that :es­tšs ca­reer Zould be Iull oi sharp leit turns

De­cem­ber 25

:est en­moys a Tuiet ChristPas Zith his Iapily and looks ahead to a re­lax­ing, un­even­tiul year oi avoid­ing con­tro­versy Just kid­ding

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