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+e’s got the looks oi a .ennedy and the or­a­tory skills oi Barack Obama and he’s not airaid to pub­licly jam out to ţbaba O’5iley.ť 'emocrats like to Iall in love with their can­di­dates and many are smit­ten with Beto.

He be­came a na­tional sen­sa­tion this year by run­ning a sur­pris­ingly close Se­nate race against 5epub­li­can Ted &ruz in ruby red Texas. <es he lost but he also re­deɿned what a modern cam­paign could look like. He spent a Iull year on the road vis­it­ing all 2 coun­ties in the state. His po­lite yet emo­tional deiense oi N)/ play­ers tak­ing a knee dur­ing the na­tional an­them went vi­ral as did his per­va­sive mes­sage oi unity among in­creas­ingly di­vided par­ties in Wash­ing­ton. ,t doesn’t hurt that he squashed all pre­vi­ous Iundrais­ing records with­out ac­cept­ing 3$& or cor­po­rate money.

O’5ourke has al­ready met with Obama and won en­dorse­ments Irom some oi his 200 ad­vis­ers. $ re­cent poll Irom pro­gres­sive group 0oveon had him edg­ing out Joe Bi­den as the Democrats’ top pick in 2020.

But let’s not get ahead oi our­selves: He did lose the elec­tion—to one oi the most un­pop­u­lar men in pol­i­tics. Trump has made it clear that he doesn’t like ţlosers Ť and he’d surely use that against O’5ourke. His­tory is also against the Iormer punk gui­tarist. The last con­gress­man to as­cend straight to the White House was James *arɿeld in 0. —NG

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