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0adonna. 3rince. Bernie. The Demo­cratic so­cial­ist Irom 9er­mont is a po­lit­i­cal rock star. He has wide­spread name recog­ni­tion Ior good and bad and his pas­sion­ate base will do what­ever it takes to get him into the Oval Oiɿce.

$s the un­likely star oi the 20 pri­maries San­ders mounted a strong chal­lenge to Hil­lary &lin­ton and suc­ceeded in open­ing the door to a more pro­gres­sive Demo­cratic 3arty. His ei­iorts paid OII in the 20 8 midterm elec­tions when pro­gres­sives won big nor­mal­iz­ing what were once con­sid­ered Iar leit poli­cies such as 0edi­care

Ior all and a min­i­mum wage.

San­ders is in some ways much like Don­ald Trump a pop­ulist who ap­peals to work­ing class white vot­ers. He’s par­tic­u­larly pop­u­lar in the 0id­west where Democrats lost cru­cial ground in 20 .

But 5epub­li­cans have spent the past two years vil­lainiz­ing so­cial­ists and nom­i­nat­ing San­ders would give Trump all the en­cour­age­ment he needs to re­sume his cam­paign claim that Democrats want to turn the 8.S. into 9enezuela.

$nother po­ten­tial hur­dle: $ num­ber oi San­ders’s stai­iers are al­ready look­ing at Iresher Iaces. ţ,i a younger can­di­date can pick up the man­tle and have Bernie’s sup­port that would be a bet­ter op­tion Ior 2020 Ť Daniel Deriso a ɿeld or­ga­nizer Ior San­ders’s 20 cam­paign told 3olitico. —NG

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