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Amount of the Earth’s sur­face now cov­ered by glacial ice, in­clud­ing glaciers, ice caps and ice sheets.


Max­i­mum pro­por­tion of the (arth’s land area that was cov­ered by glaciers dur­ing the last ice age. 75 PER­CENT Amount of the world’s fresh wa­ter held in glaciers. 39 per­cent Re­duc­tion in size, on av­er­age, of glaciers in Mon­tana’s Glacier Na­tional Park over the past 50 years.


Speed in me­ters per day of the fastest known glacier, the Ku­tiah Glacier in Pak­istan.

58 Num­ber of me­ters the world’s oceans would rise if all the ice on Antarc­tica were to melt. 2.7 tril­lion

Met­ric tons of ice lost on Antarc­tica since 1992.

Es­ti­mated re­duc­tion in Asia’s glaciers by 2100 un­der a best­case sce­nario (1.5 de­grees C warm­ing).

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