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With John Kerry’s bruis­ing de­feat still re­cent, Barack Obama’s “elec­tri­fy­ing speech” at the 2004 Demo­cratic con­ven­tion had made him a top con­tender for 2008. “Obama isn’t cocky, but he is con­fi­dent and fully pre­pared to step into a lead­er­ship role for the Democrats,” Jonathan Al­ter re­ported. The 43-year-old sen­a­tor was not ac­cus­tomed to the at­ten­tion. “I’m so over­ex­posed, I make Paris Hilton look like a recluse,” he joked. The ac­com­pa­ny­ing pho­tos re­veal just how much his sub­se­quent pres­i­dency aged him.


Ger­many had con­quered France in 1940, and a proɿle of :al­ther von Brau­chitsch, Hitleršs “guid­ing spirit in all e[pan­sion­ist moves,” had Newsweek alarmed by its ag­gres­sion toward Bri­tain. The 8.6. had yet to en­ter :orld :ar II, but Pres­i­dent Franklin Roo­sevelt told the na­tion, “Frankly and deɿnitely, there is dan­ger ahead.”


The 0 year old Meryl 6treep was poised to be­come “the ɿrst Amer­i­can woman since Jane Fonda to ri­val the power of such male stars as 'ustin Hoff­man >[email protected] Jack Ni­chol­son.” Raves for Kramer vs. Kramer would earn 6treep her ɿrst Academy Award. It was the be­gin­ning of a streak The most nom­i­nated ac­tress to­tal 1 has won three Os­cars to date.

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