The weird im­pli­ca­tion is that a black man raised in Amer­ica has no idea about RACIAL IN­JUS­TICE be­cause he also plays bas­ket­ball.

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State War­riors, Le­bron badly twisted his an­kle and still man­aged to pull off a triple dou­ble: 33 points, 10 re­bounds and 11 as­sists. That’s pretty much the def­i­ni­tion of per­se­ver­ance.

But an ef­fec­tive leader doesn’t just com­mand his fol­low­ers to vic­tory; he is a leader who helps each of them el­e­vate their in­di­vid­ual tal­ents. He be­comes the ris­ing tide that lifts all boats. “Lead­er­ship isn’t a one-day, two-days or two-month thing; lead­er­ship is con­sis­tent,” he has said. “Once you get into team sports and you see how you are suc­ceed­ing, you un­der­stand it isn’t about you. In or­der for you to con­tinue to be suc­cess­ful, ev­ery­one has to be im­por­tant and have some­thing to do with the suc­cess.”

Be­ing a leader among am­bi­tious, com­pet­i­tive ath­letes is not an easy task. I was a leader at UCLA and on the Lak­ers, and bal­anc­ing those roles was chal­leng­ing. Suc­cess de­pends on your team­mates re­spect­ing you, not just as a player but as a strate­gist.

But suc­cess as an ath­lete isn’t enough. To laud any­one as a cul­tural hero, that per­son would also have to em­body as well as pro­mote some of the core val­ues of that cul­ture. Le­bron has done that through his out­spo­ken po­lit­i­cal and so­cial ad­vo­cacy, es­pe­cially in sup­port of racial equal­ity. But beyond just talk­ing, he has taken pos­i­tive ac­tions to bet­ter the com­mu­nity and coun­try. This was demon­strated when Fox News’ Laura In­gra­ham fa­mously re­acted to an ESPN in­ter­view with Le­bron in which he dis­cussed, among many other top­ics, pol­i­tics, by com­plain­ing, “It’s al­ways un­wise to seek po­lit­i­cal ad­vice from some­one who gets paid $100 mil­lion a year to bounce a ball. Keep the po­lit­i­cal com­ments to your­selves.… Shut up and drib­ble.”

In­stead of just en­gag­ing in a so­cial me­dia war, he turned her lame in­sult into a three-part doc­u­men­tary se­ries for Show­time called Shut Up and Drib­ble, which ex­plores the evolv­ing role of ath­letes in to­day’s di­vi­sive po­lit­i­cal cli­mate. Over the years, Le­bron has added his voice to the many ath­letes of con­science who wish to call at­ten­tion to so­cial in­jus­tices in or­der to erad­i­cate them.

This “dumb jock” stereo­type is the same re­frain I and other ath­letes have heard all our lives from con­ser­va­tives who use the low­est form of log­i­cal fal­lacy, the ad hominem (name-call­ing) at­tack, to dis­tract from the mes­sage. The weird im­pli­ca­tion is that a black man raised in Amer­ica has no idea

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