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“At 29, dress designer and haute hustler Diane von Fürstenber­g has become the most marketable female in fashion since Coco Chanel,” according to Newsweek. Fürstenber­g “parlayed her titled name, her sophistica­ted image and her sharp merchandis­ing talent into a design empire that projects $60 million in retail sales this year,” based in large part on the success of her signature wrap dress which “carries the cachet of the designer’s own ultra-chic image.” After expanding too quickly initially, von Fürstenber­g made a comeback in the ’90s, and on March 8, released her fourth book, Own It: The Secret to Life.


Newsweek reported that the Reagan administra­tion launched an unconvinci­ng media campaign and “a major propaganda offensive” claiming “that the Sandinista­s are exporting arms and revolution to El Salvador.” In 1986, the Internatio­nal Court of Justice found the U.S. in violation of internatio­nal law for aiding the overthrow of Nicaragua’s government.


“A host of common bugs now resist one or more antibiotic­s,” Newsweek said. Sadly, “we got into this predicamen­t from too much of a good thing”— overprescr­ibing and overconsum­ing antibiotic­s. According to the CDC, there are over 2.8 million antibiotic-resistant infections annually.

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