Study Abroad for Grown-Ups


The pandemic caused us to rethink everything, including our jobs and our life/ work balance—or getting some balance if we didn’t have it already. Not only did we adapt to working remotely, but for many of us, it was a time to reassess our priorities. So much so that there is now a surge of workers quitting their jobs, dubbed the “Great Resignatio­n.” Even if you don’t want to quit your job, maybe you’re burned out, disenchant­ed or just need a break. These live and learn-asyou-work trips will take you back to your study abroad days. Or maybe you never had that opportunit­y, and the pandemic made you realize the time is now. From stargazing alongside astronomer­s in the Arizona desert, to waxing philosophi­cal in Athens while you work remotely, to learning to freedive post-zoom meetings in the Caribbean, these trips offer you a chance to learn something new, find a different calling or simply let yourself be inspired again. —Kathleen Rellihan

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