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“The most famous faces of election ’72 belong not just to the candidates but also to a host of entertaine­rs who have taken their own center stage to use box-office appeal for wooing votes and money,” reported Newsweek, as it followed Shirley Maclaine on the campaign trail stumping for George Mcgovern. Celebs were vocal supporters of both Joe Biden (e.g., Taylor Swift, Bruce Springstee­n) and Donald Trump (e.g., Brett Favre, Kirstie Alley) in the 2020 election, and mega-watt activism still holds significan­t sway over issues from Black Lives Matter to ending sexual harassment to vaccinatio­ns.


In the face of too few educators, “teacher training is perhaps the biggest running joke in higher education” for its boring curriculum and low admissions standards that “do not attract enough top students,” Newsweek wrote.” Now, in the wake of COVID-19, there are teacher shortages of up to 40 percent in some fields.


“Our efforts to prevent gun violence were met with threats of violence,” former Colorado State Senate President John Morse told Newsweek after laws were tightened due to recent shootings. New laws passed in July 2021 loosened these past gun restrictio­ns, now allowing certain felons to have possession of guns.

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