Law and Order ELEKTRA/ASYLUM, 1981

Buckingam’s solo debut in 1981 containing the Top 10 hit “Trouble.” The album could be considered a companion to the experiment­al songs he wrote and produced for Fleetwood Mac’s commercial­ly disappoint­ing 1979’s Tusk. After Tusk, Buckingham recalls, “Mick [Fleetwood] came to me one day and said, ‘Lindsey, we’re not gonna do that process again.’ ‘Okay, fair enough.’ In that moment, I realized, ‘If I wanna continue to take risks [and] try to define myself as an artist in the long term, I’m gonna have to start making solo albums.’”

Out of the Cradle REPRISE, 1992

A tour de force, Out of the Cradle contained tracks that rock with abandon (“Wrong,” “Countdown,” “Turn It On”), carry a laid-back Southern California feel (“Soul Drifter,” “Surrender the Rain”) and offer moments of poignance (“Street of Dreams”).“that’s still one of my favorite albums, and I’m very proud of that,” Buckingham says now. “I think some of that was because I had taken leave of the band and had all that space around me to kind of figure out where I was going from there.”


The standouts on Buckingham’s sixth album include the title track, “In Our Own Time,” “Rock Away Blind” and “Stars Are Crazy.” At the time of its release, he said: “On a lyrical level over the years, I try to get a little bit more poetic and subjective in terms of what lyrics mean so that they’re not particular­ly literal. I think I hit my stride on this album in that way. It represents a level of maturity [and] a reflection of what my personal life has become.”

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