1 Spotify Music

Stockholm-nyc 9,032

Big on discussing company mission and values via its Passion Tour, which builds loyalty. Benefits like six months of paid parental leave doesn’t hurt, either! (See the profile on page 36.)

2 Dell Tech/services

Round Rock, tx 158,000

Great opportunit­ies for growth within the company, which provides formal mentoring, networking and individual­ized developmen­t programs. Stretch assignment­s? Yup, got those, too.

3 SAP America computer software

Newtown Square, Pa 102,430

A self-described “culture of kindness.” The CEO, for instance, responds to every employee that reaches out. Pandemic mental health day will remain in place— plus 10 extras in case of a crisis.

4 Wyndham Hotels & Resorts hospitalit­y PARSIPPANY, NJ 23,000

Workers have open access to the CEO as well as the executive committee. There’s also personal developmen­t, feedback from customers and regular recognitio­n programs.

5 Navy Federal Credit Union financial services

Vienna, Va 13,003

Employees who want to learn new jobs are trained and given assignment­s to assist them in moving their careers in the right direction. Bonuses and paid volunteer leave are a plus.

6 Deckers apparel & fashion

Goleta, ca 3,500

Bubbling up: Employees are encouraged to submit ideas that may result in direct investment from the top. Teams made up from workers at all levels make their pitches to the executive team, which includes the CEO.

7 Cadence computer software

SAN Jose, ca 8,100

Diversity seems to be a big deal here. For example, there’s a formal mentorship program for new college graduates that has a big focus on women and employees of color.


Hasbro consumer Goods

Pawtucket, Ri 5,800

Looking to get ahead? There are lots of opportunit­ies to work across discipline­s to break down the typical silos. Bonuses, too, for things like making company values come to life.

9 Fanduel Gaming

New York city 1,293

Though a relatively young company, succession planning is a big deal. There is consistent feedback and promotion from within to fill open positions.

10 Capgemini consulting

New York city 140,000

Training is a big deal, including employee-created academies in technical skill areas. An opendoor policy is really open: Anyone can book an appointmen­t with the chief executive.

11 Microchip Technologi­es electronic­s Manufactur­er chandler, az 18,000

Company culture is centered on employee teamwork. Microchip Learning Center provides ongoing profession­al growth support and learning and developmen­t opportunit­ies.

12 Hilton Grand Vacations hospitalit­y

Orlando, fl 6,700

Employee recognitio­n awards often come along with significan­t monetary compensati­on. Longevity is also rewarded: If you have been an employee for 10 years, you get the Friends and Family discount.

13 Harsco environmen­tal services

Camp hill, pa 10,500

A majority of workers have been in the essential category amid the pandemic. But workers with possible exposure haven’t been forced to come to work. They still got paid, the company said.

14 Boston Scientific medical devices

Marlboroug­h, Ma 36,000

Leadership developmen­t is a big deal, as is racial and cultural awareness. There is mandatory unconsciou­s-bias training, as well as regular Real Talk listening sessions. CEO Spirit Awards, too.

15 IBM tech/services armonk, ny 345,900

Believe it or not, there’s regular input encouraged from Big Blue’s employees—and outsiders. The company’s 72-hour Innovation Jam, for example, often results in new businesses being launched.

16 Bunge Food Production

Chesterfie­ld, MO 24,000

Lots of employee autonomy is one of the company’s calling cards. And its open workspaces break down barriers and help with collaborat­ion. Bunge likes to call it a “borderless atmosphere.”

17 O2E Brands consumer services

Vancouver, BC 232

The benefits? How about five weeks of annual vacation? And you’re required to take at least two of those weeks at the same time! Daily company huddles celebrate wins.

18 Sweetgreen Food/beverages

Culver City, Ca 1,255

Virtual happy hours with the company founders, leaders and even outside guests, like academics, help develop collaborat­ion and craft a solution-driven culture.

19 First Command Financial Services Financial services

fort Worth, tx 2,000

Family is the thing here, as is the focus on the financial wellness of veterans. If you’re an employee, your family, at company expense, goes to the annual adviser conference. Hawaii, anyone?

20 CROCS apparel & Fashion; Broomfield, CO 3,803

Public service is a big, big deal at Crocs. During the pandemic, the company gave away some $40 million worth of products to nurses and other frontline workers battling COVID-19.


Box internet; redwood City, Ca 2,046

Employees are encouraged to develop career skills during the three-times-a-year Learn Fest program. Awards, too, for going above and beyond. Plus: company-wide days off for mental health.

22 Verizon Telecommun­ications

New York City 135,300

Learning is big at Verizon: A portal includes things like leadership skills and anti-bias training. The company also offers tuition assistance. Stock grants? They got ’em too.

23 Gitlab Tech/services


#Iamremarka­ble program salutes and respects individual identity. Career advancemen­t plans, reimbursem­ent for co-working spaces and pay equality programs all help, too.

24 Mattel consumer Goods el Segundo, Ca 24,000

The toy legend has a history of promoting health and wellness— and supporting playground­s, day care, community centers and hospitals (including its namesake UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital).

25 Zebra Technologi­es Tech/services lincolnshi­re, il 8,200

Opportunit­y equals loyalty here. The Zebra Network (ZEN) helps employees develop skills, on their own time, that will, Zebra hopes, lead to the advancemen­t of their careers within the company.

26 Brown Foreman Wine & spirits louisville, ky 4,800

Real life is important at Brown Foreman. The company offers, for example, free counseling sessions for mental health issues like anxiety, as well as help related to elder care issues.

27 HP Tech/services

Palo alto, Ca 53,000

Another company where work-life balance is a thing. There’s a Family, Friends and Fun Friday program, as well as global dance parties and cooking classes run by employees.

28 Digitaloce­an internet

New York City 581

Sammy Awards recognize employees who go above and beyond. Comprehens­ive performanc­e management looks backward and forward to grow individual­s, not just employees.

29 Viacomcbs entertainm­ent

New York City 23,990

At every town hall meeting, employees have 20 minutes to lob unfiltered questions at the CEO. Benefits like college tuition reimbursem­ent also keep workers happy.

30 PATAGONIA Apparel & Fashion; Ventura, Ca 2,287

Where else is political protest actually encouraged— and even a paid benefit? Let’s say you are arrested at a peaceful demonstrat­ion: The company will cover the bail for you and your spouse.

31 Avanade Consulting Seattle, Wa 39,000

A techie’s dream, including global hackathons, innovation challenges and coding competitio­ns. Plus, “geek allowances” are given to employees to ensure they’re up on the latest tech.

32 Cerner Health informatio­n services Kansas City, MO 26,400

Among other things, Cerner is big on the benefits. How about an onsite health clinic with counselors and nutritioni­sts? There are also in-office personal trainers and even an expecting-mother concierge.

34 Allegiant Travel airline las Vegas, nv 4,363

An upward-mobility friendly airline. Workers can actually move from job to job to find the right fit. The company also makes it easy to build connection­s with other employees.

35 Altair tech/services troy, Mi 3,030

The CEO has some lofty diversity goals. For example: The company aspires to have a workforce of 50 percent female employees—and that includes the C-suite and the board of directors.

33 Fedex Package & freight Delivery; Dallas 183,000

Taking care of employees—and business: The LIFE (Learning Inspired by Fedex) program at the University of Memphis covers ALL THE Costs FOR workers to start Or finish A COLLEGE DEGREE.

36 Chenmed Health Care Miami, Fl 1,397

Peer-to-peer recognitio­n is a big deal here. In the past year alone, there have been 20,000 employee tips of the hat via everything from town halls to just plain old emails. Annual Chenmed Awards, too.

37 Clickfunne­ls Computer software BOISE, id 453

Early on in the pandemic, this remote-work software company got rid of all co-pays for mental health counselors. Side hustles are encouraged, as well.

38 Horizon Therapeuti­cs Pharmaceut­icals Chicago 1,200

Top-down in action: The CEO asks employees how they’re doing and gets 1,200 emails in return. And you know what? He responds to all of them. Stock to all employees when they arrive, and annually.

39 EQRX Biotechnol­ogy Cambridge, Ma 141

The biotech company is big on playful things like “superpower” skills. When you get started, for instance, you’re asked to take a quiz to determine your greatest strength. Superhero academies are a thing, too.

40 A+E Networks entertainm­ent new York city 2,382

Great place for LGBTQ+ employees. Just have a look at the fertility benefits offered: They are available to all genders and sexual orientatio­ns. Also, employees of all levels have a say in problem-solving.

41 Automation Anywhere robotics San Jose, ca 3,927

Culture driven by curiosity, and forgivenes­s! The CEO, who has a glass-door office, believes it is OK to be bold, take risks, try new things and make mistakes, as long as you learn from them.

42 Fresnius Medical Care Hospital & Health Care waltham, Ma 124,000

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is an emphasis for everyone at this health care company, which focuses on kidney disease. The firm’s first DEI leader wasn’t hired but nominated by the employees.

43 U.S. Steel Corp manufactur­ing Pittsburgh 24,488

This old-school steel company recognizes employee trends that value the environmen­t—and a green economy. Executives are committed, they said, to being net carbon neutral by 2050.

45 Twitter Internet San Francisco 6,827

Uses decision-making framework called DACI (driver, approver, contributo­r and informed). CEO Jack Dorsey provides his 360-degree feedback report to all employees in the company.

46 Liveperson Computer Software new York city 1,341

Employees aren’t stuck in static jobs and careers. They’re allowed to move to different teams with different roles. Ideas flow. There’s no fear of others taking your job—or stealing your ideas.

47 Great Wolf Resorts Hospitalit­y Madison, wi 6,000

Employees are called Pack Members, of course. The no-office, open-cube culture builds that “one-pack mentality” spirit. There are Pack Members of the Month, and Year, too. Ahh-wooooooo!

44 HOME DEPOT retail atlanta 415,700

Employees, thanks to former CEO Frank Blake, who revived the company, have bought into the vision of a retailer that has close ties to the community it serves. Workers “bleed orange.”

48 Southeaste­rn Grocers Supermarke­ts Jacksonvil­le, Fl 13,563

There’s a “Shark Tank” space for associates to deliver business solutions and new product ideas. In addition, a My Culture box in each store is a place for instant feedback to executives.

49 EPAM Systems Software engineerin­g newtown, Pa 36,400

Even spanking-new hires can speak directly to the CEO. The organizati­onal structure allows for decisions to be made in minutes. Slide decks? Nah.

50 Blackberry Computer Software waterloo, ontario 3,497

Remember the old handheld phone and email device? We barely do. The new software mission has brought employees and executives together like never before. Big teamwork place.

51 IMAX Entertainm­ent; Los Angeles 673

Unique opportunit­ies and the freedom to partner with creatives in the entertainm­ent industry. Good benefits, too, including unlimited sick time and a monthly lifestyle allowance.

52 Chipotle Restaurant­s Newport Beach, ca 83,000

Looking for upward mobility? This restaurant chain helps employees climb up the corporate ladder quickly by offering additional training to anyone who raises their hand.

53 Jacobs Civil engineerin­g Dallas 48,000

Culture and people issues are staples of every board of directors meeting. The company trained 1,900 “mental health champions,” who serve as an “ear that an employee can go to confidenti­ally.”

54 Eversana Pharmaceut­icals Milwaukee 4,000

Performanc­e management is not just focused on results. Peers get to assess peers. A culture that leans toward support instead of competitio­n. Paternity leave for new pets? Yes!

55 Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits Wine & spirits Miami 12,294

Employees get to grow and train here via things like Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits University (SGWSU). Another plus: Its Empowher program focuses on things like financial skills for women.

56 Boxed Consumer goods New York city 350

All mangers come up through the ranks—95 percent of leaders are promoted from within the organizati­on. In other words: You can learn the ropes from the ground up.

57 Autonomous Consumer goods New York city 170

Failure is not something to be feared here. It is seen as an opportunit­y to learn, improve and even grow. Company ideas to live by? Practice what you preach—and push yourself to new limits.

58 Flex electrical manufactur­ing san Jose, ca 160,000

The company motto says it all: “Do the right thing always—no matter what.” The workplace community is strong, and there are lots of opportunit­ies for personal growth.

59 Greif Packaging & Containers Delaware, oh 20,000

The Greif Way? Respect, candor and trust. All meetings start with personal check-ins. Speaking of meetings: Zoom gatherings reduced from one hour to 45 minutes. Thank goodness.

60 Vivint Consumer electronic­s; provo, ut 5,750

The company gives employees time to work on personal projects and receive feedback from people in the field. It’s also a fun place. Employees get to go to concerts and amusement parks.

61 Bitwise Tech/services Schaumburg, IL 320

Big on social responsibi­lity. Backed by $27 million in funding, the company provides tech training for underserve­d community members via a full-time apprentice­ship program, which ends in a job at Bitwise.

62 Moody’s Financial Services New York city 5,076

The 100-year-old bond-rating company features rock-solid benefits for its multigener­ational workforce that range from parental leave to phased-retirement programs. Respect for all, in other words.

63 Little Telecommun­ications Windstream rock, ak; 11,945

“Employees are showcased in real-life case studies to demonstrat­e how collaborat­ion and innovation actually works at the telecom firm. Catch this: Big company problems are tossed out for any employee to solve.”

64 Triplemint real estate New York city 261

All-hands meetings end with a brainstorm to solve a big challenge. Focus on developing employees so they can eventually take on larger roles. Founders gave up salaries in 2020 to avoid layoffs.

65 Arvest Bank Financial Services bentonvill­e, ak 4,127

All employees take part in data gathering designed to implement customer-centric changes and improvemen­ts. Arvest is mostly owned by the Walton (Walmart) family.

66 Ducommun aviation & aerospace Santa ana, ca 2,450

All together now: Employees designed a motor for the Mars Rover. Benefits? Bonus plans and scholarshi­p programs for children—and even grandchild­ren.

67 Nielsen Media research New York city 46,000

Promotes internally and encourages employees to search for profession­al growth opportunit­ies within the company. Wellness is a big deal here via the Smart Work program.

68 Madison Reed cosmetics SAN Francisco 185

Welcome to the club: The chief executive meets all new employees and top prospects. Early on, pandemic friendly, too: “Nobody…right now should worry about a paycheck” was the message.

69 TVA electric & Utilities knoxville, tn 10,000

Generous and flexible tuition reimbursem­ent program at this historic utility company, which was establishe­d during the Great Depression. All employees can get degrees in any discipline they wish.

70 Freedom Mortgage Financial Services mount Laurel, NJ 5,699

If town halls and video and email communicat­ion with the CEO is your thing, Freedom Mortgage delivers. Rookies find its First Flyer training program useful for industry introducti­ons.

71 Postman Computer Software San Francisco 562

Employees know what’s going on at this software concern. Slack channels are full of comments from internal sources and customers. Problems? Employees are always reasoning things out.

72 Nomad Health Hospital & Health Care new York city 190

Another company that did the right thing during the early times of COVID-19. For example: Amid the quarantine­s and illnesses, frontline workers got full pay—no questions asked.

73 Denny’s restaurant­s Spartanbur­g, Sc 3,100

The company says, “Career paths for the long-tenured are not based on college credential­s, but how you performed in the restaurant.” In other words: When talent is identified, talent is promoted.

74 Eaton electrical manufactur­ing beachwood, oh 91,987

Community focused and socially aware. One big benefit: Employees get paid time to volunteer in their neighborho­ods. Making money is the thing, of course, but it is not the only thing.

75 Kellogg’s food/beverage battle creek, Mi 31,000

The company is not just about being a trusted brand. The cereal legend has establishe­d a volunteer culture. Employees collective­ly put in some 17,000 hours of work to serve people around the world.

76 Essence Global advertisin­g new York city 1,900

Employees get to tackle business challenges together in a six-month program. Worker groups are used as shadow boards to consider ideas and solve problems for the company and clients.

77 wilmington, pharmaceut­icals INCYTE de 1,456

This pharma company offers benefits like 100 percent health insurance coverage for employees (95 percent for dependents) and, since 2017, parental leave for all situations.

78 Autodesk Software San rafael, ca 11,500

Its three-month Culture Sprints provide intense coaching sessions that are designed to build leadership skills. It’s all part of the company’s Culture Code. Big-time mentorship program and equity awards, too.

79 S&P Global financial informatio­n new York city 22,500

Coaching is available to all employees for profession­al and personal developmen­t. This has led to a highly tenured workforce. Big stat: Seven percent of workers who have left have returned.

80 Cozen O’connor law practice philadelph­ia 775

All C-levels go on listening tours with employees at all levels; they discuss business developmen­t, financials and strategy. There’s even a formal no jerks rule. This is a law firm? Yes!

81 80 Hamilton, Acres Farms Farming oh 775

The company cofounders, Mike Zelkind (right) and Tisha Livingston, created Mike Minutes and Tish Talk programs so employees could learn the ropes directly from the top.

82 Custom Ink Retail Fairfax, Va 1,500

To keep things interestin­g, and personal growth going, the company gives employees twoto-three month rotations in different parts of the business. Helps with collaborat­ion, too.

83 ASML Semiconduc­tors Wilton, Ct 24,749

A different kind of performanc­e assessment is offered here: It’s not what you got done, but how you got it done. The Experience Center opens the door to a higher vision of the company.

84 Dailypay Financial Services new York City 350

Silicon Valley with a Zoom twist: virtual morning coffees, virtual book clubs, virtual movie nights and virtual lunches. Nice benefit: stipends to take advantage of learning opportunit­ies outside the company.

85 Everise outsourcin­g & offshoring austin, tx 3,000

Looking for quarterly bonuses? This Austin outsourcin­g company has got them. Hoping to move up in the corporate food chain? Some 80 percent of the positions are filled internally.

86 Hines Real estate Houston 4,785

The company is family owned, which often can be a problem for employees. But this real estate firm says employees have a big role in decision making.

87 Palo Alto Networks computer & network Security santa Clara, Ca 9,038

What has this computer company got for its employees? Flex benefits? Yes. Diversity programs? Yes again. One-to-one coaching and mentoring? Yup. Listening circles? You get them as well.

88 Instacart Retail san Francisco 10,000

Employees get bonuses for their insights and for coming up with beta tests for new customer features. If you are looking for hierarchie­s, this is not a place for you. No silos allowed.

89 Cohnreznic­k accounting new York City 2,800

Executives spend a good bit of time developing coursework and on-the-job learning experience­s for its employees. How else to cultivate industry expertise? No meetings on summer Focus Fridays.

90 Modere Retail springvill­e, ut 632

Value driven: The MVP (Modere Values People) program has employees nominating peers for going the extra mile. Each quarter two employees get an MVP award—and cash.

91 VUZIX Consumer electronic­s rochester, ny 90

Employees are excited about their growing augmented-reality company in north-central New York. It’s easy to see why: There’s a patent incentive program and stock options.

92 BI Worldwide Marketing & advertisin­g Edina, Mn; 1,691

Edina is a great place to live. It’s also a great place work. BI is a great place to work, too. A Summer of Love program includes relaxed dress codes, half-day Fridays and frequent concerts on the office lawn.

93 Avalara Computer software Seattle 3,351

There’s an employee reward program, and colleagues are the nominators. But enough of that. The best thing? Every location of this Seattle-based software company has, yes, a tiki bar.

94 Ryan Specialty Group insurance Chicago 2,088

Employees at this Chicago insurance firm are encouraged to run amok with a good idea. The company says you will never hear “it’s not my job” spoken around the office. Mentorship is a constant thing.

95 Canon USA, Inc. Business equipment Melville, ny 13,413

The corporate philosophy, kyosei, is the thing here: It essentiall­y means “living and working together for the common good.” And that signifies collaborat­ion and communicat­ion are big deals.

96 Kaplan education Management Fort lauderdale, Fl 10,004

Culture Labs let employees shape the company culture in small group discussion sessions. An Equality and Inclusion Personal Day allows employees to celebrate a day of importance to them.

97 At Home Group retail Plano, tx 6,289

The company has an employee foundation through which its workers can receive financial assistance; At Home employees contribute to the fund. Monthly group CEO lunches and stock grants, too.

98 Level Ex Computer games Chicago 54

Any idea goes here. The company, for instance, hosts Game Jams, which are 48-hour competitio­ns. Employees break into teams and come out with fully functional games from scratch.

99 Strava app for runners & Cyclists San Francisco 289

Strava is big on family and personal health: Vacation by the end of the year is a must, plus two hours a day for hikes. No meetings on Fridays, too.

100 Pendo Computer software raleigh, nc 675

Free profession­al counseling for employees looking to move up or improve their current lot in corporate life. Other perks include: open paid time-off policy; help with a paid parking spot; and in-office beer on tap. In other words: Shangri-la!

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