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Damnation Spring By Ash Davidson AUGUST | SCRIBNER | $28

This extraordin­ary novel is one of the best we’ve read this year. Set in a Pacific Northwest town, it grapples with what it means to be part of a community and part of a family. When a young scientist comes asking questions about a string of tragedies in a tight-knit logging town, residents must reckon with the way they have made their livelihood for generation­s. Davidson’s debut is full of searing, poetic prose, deeply moving to the very last page.

Crossroads By Jonathan Franzen OCTOBER | FARRAR, STRAUS & GIROUX | $30

Powerhouse Franzen has released his first new novel in many years and the first in a much anticipate­d trilogy—entitled A Key to All Mythologie­s. Taking place primarily over a single day in December of 1971, the Hildenbran­dt family of suburban Chicago is at the center of a story that reckons with family and religion, and Franzen does what he does best with brilliantl­y imagined characters.

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