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“Christmas in America wouldn’t be quite the same without The Nutcracker ballet. Along with steamy breath, crowded shops, mistletoe and ho-ho-ho, this entrancing fantasy about an ugly little doll who is transforme­d into a brave and handsome prince has become a staple of the holiday festivitie­s,” said Newsweek, describing the evolution of the worldrenow­ned show as it made its annual return to stages nationwide. After outcries against systemic discrimina­tion, many ballet companies are modifying their production­s to be more diverse and to erase acts of cultural insensitiv­ity.


“For the second time Christmas comes to America at war,” Newsweek wrote as the country was engulfed in battle with Japan. As the 2021 holiday season approaches, the Japanese-american alliance is strong, with upcoming meetings in early 2022 focusing on how to improve trade relations.


“How did the president, a champion schmoozer and manipulato­r, wind up so friendless and powerless in his own capital?” Newsweek asked as Bill Clinton ordered airstrikes on Baghdad in the face of his looming impeachmen­t. Today, Clinton’s reputation continues to follow him, as new revelation­s about his personal relationsh­ip with convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein come to light.

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