An Archeologi­cal GEM

- — K.R.

LOVERS OF ARCHEOLOGY and ancient Egypt will have a new destinatio­n to add to their bucket lists later this year. The Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM), located just outside of Cairo on the Giza Plateau, will become the largest archeologi­cal museum in the world when it opens in late 2022, expected to be between September and November. The $1 billion project will house about 100,000 ancient artifacts, half of which will be on display at any given time.

The star attraction? The complete Tutankhamu­n collection, featuring 5,000 items found inside the king’s tomb in 1922 by archeologi­st Howard Carter; the museum intends to display the items in a manner similar to how they were found so viewers can experience what the inside of the burial chambers were really like. This will be the first time all of the items have been shown together and the first time a majority of them will be viewed by the public.

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