COLOMBIA Unstoppabl­e


Colombia is one of the success stories of the Americas. With President Iván Duque coming to the end of his term, he leaves the Andean nation in the best shape yet. Strides have been made across the board, from the country’s booming economy and public health infrastruc­ture, to sustainabl­e energy policies and, on the 200th anniversar­y of bilateral relations with the US, its internatio­nal standing.

Almost every country was heavily hit by the Covid-19 pandemic – both economical­ly and in terms of public health – and Colombia was no exception. However, thanks to prudent leadership and nationwide buy-in, Colombia has shrugged off the worst of its effects and the economy is once again purring, expected to grow by nearly 10% this year, while 1.5 million people have been lifted out of unemployme­nt,in,the,last,year.,exports,are,fl,owing,out,of ,the,country, too,,up,nearly,45%,on,the,last,fi,scal,year.

The rollout of vaccines was swift and comprehens­ive, utilizing internatio­nal mechanisms to acquire shots at competitiv­e prices. As a result, around 70% of the population of 50 million has been vaccinated, among the highest rates in Latin America.

Colombia has gone all in on a sustainabl­e future, with commitment­s to be completely carbon neutral by 2050, and to have halved greenhouse gas emissions by 2030. Nearly a third of Colombia’s marine and land areas are now under formal protection, eight years ahead of schedule. The transition away from fossil fuels continues apace, with hydropower, solar, and wind industries all growing. Colombia is also a trailblaze­r for equality, with women fi,lling,roles,across,government,and,corporate,life.

Meanwhile, on the internatio­nal stage, Colombia continues to draw investment from major economies like the United States, thanks to its record of stability and contract security, as well as its geographic location as a hub of the Americas. By receiving millions of Venezuelan migrants and refugees and offering them protected status, Colombia has shown its fraternal spirit and earned plaudits for its compassion.

With such advances all over, it’s impossible to deny that Colombia has become unstoppabl­e.

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