“A revolution in renewable energy is underway...”

Colombia’s president, Iván Duque, has overseen a whirlwind four years at the helm of the South American country’s government. The Covid-19 pandemic exposed long-standing and systemic challenges, but reflecting on his time in office, the outgoing leader is proud of a legacy of economic growth, environmen­tal sustainabi­lity, and much-improved security.

A Colombian “New Deal”

“Our ‘New Deal’ saw the economy grow 10.6% last year, and so far this year over 5.8% – these are two historic leaps for our country. A revolution in renewable energy is underway, while access to water and sanitation is improving all the time. The vast majority of children now have free education, and housing is selling more than ever. The pandemic didn’t distract us, not even for one moment, from our goals.”

An Equal Future

“I’d like to be remembered as the president of equality in Colombia, who provided free education and the largest real minimum wage increase, who built much-needed infrastruc­ture and vaccinated the nation.”

A Sustainabl­e Future

“By the end of the year, renewable energy output is set to be one,hundred,times,what,it,was,when,we,took,offi,ce,four,years, ago. We are planting 180 million trees this year, and making a bet on a green energy transition. Colombia will become one of the great production bases for green hydrogen, thanks to the roadmap we created.”

A Safer Future

“Our government has made enormous strides. We are seeing the lowest murder and kidnapping rates in our history, while drug traffi,ckers,have,nowhere,to,hide,as,we,continue,to,intercept,their, shipments and destroy their labs. The most dangerous criminal in the country, known as Otoniel, was captured last year and he’ll be extradited to the United States.”

A Peace Process with Legality

“As part of the ongoing peace process in Colombia, we have handed out 50,000 land titles to rural families, more than in the eight years before our mandate. We have invested historic amounts in rural road networks. Meanwhile, over half of all land mine removal took place during our government, and the process of reincorpor­ation is moving forward apace.”

Bipartisan US relations

“Colombia has always had a bipartisan relationsh­ip with the United States. I had a good relationsh­ip with President Trump, and now I have a good relationsh­ip with President Biden, who has long supported Colombia and knows our country well. And good things are still coming, in terms of commerce, investment, and security.”

 ?? ?? President of Colombia, Iván Duque, greeted by President Biden.
President of Colombia, Iván Duque, greeted by President Biden.

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