At President Iván Duque’s side has been Vice President Marta

Lucía Ramírez, the first woman to serve in the role in Colombia’s history. The trailblazi­ng politician, who had previously served as a senator, Minister for Commerce, Industry and Tourism and Minister of Defense, added to her portfolio in 2021, when she became Minister of Foreign Affairs, and at a time of geopolitic­al upheaval. She speaks about the administra­tion’s achievemen­ts at home and abroad.

Promoting Equality

“Equality is about opportunit­ies, not tokenism. In the case of women, it’s about economic autonomy and being able to access the work market, for example. But we’ve also set up a school of leadership and political training for women, which has allowed women,of ,all,background­s,to,be,educated,in,those,fi,elds.”

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