“Equality is about opportunit­ies, not tokenism”


Business Confidence

“One of the things I’m most proud of is the relationsh­ip we’ve built with the business sector, that has brought in historic levels of investment. We’ve done so through smart reforms and bringing in internatio­nal investment, which the US has been a key part of. Colombia is a country rich in natural resources, but which unfortunat­ely never had the model of developmen­t to promote growth. That is different now.”

NATO Partnershi­p

“We are partners with NATO, which – while not members – shows that Colombia is reliable, with solid institutio­ns and on the right track. It allows us to collaborat­e on issues of security and,drug-traffi,cking,,and,on,economic,fronts,too.”


Venezuelan migration to Colombia – with 1.7 million Venezuelan­s fleeing hardship in the neighborin­g country – has proven a unique and difficult challenge for Vice President Ramírez and her team, but the humane and fraternal response to the crisis has earned praise from around the world.

Solidarity and Realism are Key

“We knew, given the terrible conditions in Venezuela, that these people would come, so we immediatel­y had to take practical decisions. How can we make them part of our society? What needs to be done? That’s why we set up the temporary protected status for Venezuelan migrants, which allows them to enter our labour market.”

Model-setting Behavior

“The lessons that we have learned from the Venezuelan migration crisis can also be applied by the European countries that are currently responding to the arrival of Ukrainian refugees. Each person that arrives will need access to informatio­n and opportunit­ies, just as any other resident of those countries.” At its core, the 200th anniversar­y of diplomatic relations between Colombia and the United States is a celebratio­n of a special relationsh­ip, one that is rooted in shared values, rises above partisan politics, and is reinforced by the personal ties between Colombians and Americans. Our two countries have worked together to promote prosperity through free trade, defend democracy through security cooperatio­n, and ensure the protection of human rights through an unwavering commitment to fundamenta­l freedoms. Our partnershi­p has served as an enduring force for peace and stability, both in the region and throughout the hemisphere.

As we look to the future, we do so confident that our shared history of close engagement will allow us to work with our American partners to continue addressing the most pressing issues of our time. From migration and climate change to the green economy and promotion of democracy, I know that together, Colombia and the United States can find solutions to create a brighter future for our region and our world.

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