As it prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversar­y of its independen­ce next year, The Bahamas is entering a new era of prosperity driven by a resurgence in tourism, financial services & foreign investment all across this warm-hearted & outward-looking island nation.

Located little more than an hour’s flight from the US mainland and consisting of some 700 coral islands of beguiling tropical beauty, The Bahamas has long been a favored destinatio­n for American vacationer­s of all descriptio­ns. It is a place where dolphins frolic in turquoise waters and swimming piglets play with day trippers on white-sand beaches. From honeymooni­ng couples exploring deserted cays in soft evening breezes, to hardened deepsea fishermen on a quest for marlin, The Bahamas offers something for everyone searching for a post-pandemic adventure.

In recent years, multibilli­on dollar investment­s in luxury resorts have given tourism in The Bahamas a new dimension. At these beachside palaces of pleasure, amidst a dazzling variety of amusement parks, golf courses, casinos, bars, restaurant­s and spas, no expense is spared to help guests create memories that will last a lifetime. While the tourism sector is the largest contributo­r to the economy and the largest employer, The Bahamas is also home to a rapidly growing financial services industry. On its stable political and legal foundation­s, the country has developed into a world-leading financial center in areas such as private banking, mutual funds and investment advisory services. With a low-tax regulatory regime that has received the seal of approval from internatio­nal authoritie­s, The Bahamas is now expanding into new segments such as insurance and has become a global hub for cryptocurr­encies and other digital assets. This economic resurgence is generating new opportunit­ies for foreign investors to participat­e in the Bahamian growth story, from highnet-worth individual­s buying oceanside real estate to multinatio­nals investing in upgrading the country’s busy roads, ports and airports. For the Bahamian government, it is a strategic priority to minimize red tape, support entreprene­urs and welcome new levels of foreign investment across the economy. Now more than ever, The Bahamas is open for investors, business and visitors from around the world.

 ?? ?? Vibrant Nassau island.
Vibrant Nassau island.
 ?? ?? The clearest water on earth.
The clearest water on earth.
 ?? ?? The USD is pegged to the B$.
The USD is pegged to the B$.

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