The America‘s Best Dermatolog­ists

2022 ranking awards the leading 275 dermatolog­ists in the U.S. Due to the significan­t difference in services provided, the list is split by cosmetic and medical dermatolog­ists. In total, 125 cosmetic dermatolog­ists and 150 medical dermatolog­ists were awarded. Overlaps can occur if a dermatolog­ist offers services in both fields. The top 50 cosmetic and medical dermatolog­ists are ranked 1 to 50. The top 51-125 cosmetic and top 51-150 medical dermatolog­ists are sorted alphabetic­ally.

During the survey period from February to April 2022, over 2,200 dermatolog­ists were invited to an online survey. Additional­ly, medical profession­als and administra­tors/ managers who work in outpatient practices across the u.s. were invited to participat­e on the online survey via

During the survey period, over 5,400 votes for dermatolog­ists in the 20 most populous u.s. states were collected and analyzed.

A score was calculated for each dermatolog­ist based on the number of recommenda­tions and a quality score (as assessed by the peer survey). In-state recommenda­tions were weighted higher than out-of-state recommenda­tions and the quality score. In-state recommenda­tions were 45 percent of the final score, out-of-state recommenda­tions 40 percent and the quality score 15 percent. For cosmetic dermatolog­ists, participan­ts were also able to specify a standout treatment (laser, injectable­s, body contouring) for the recommende­d dermatolog­ists.

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