Beach volleyball champion misty may-treanor on her path to Olympic gold and the opportunit­ies made possible by Title IX

- by Misty May-treanor

Ilooked back at where my whole journey started and the words Title IX kept popping into my head. It’s the movement that helped progress women’s sport. And it’s one that opened the door for me to pursue my dream.

As a young girl, I wrote a report about sports and had to interview my one living grandmothe­r, on my mom’s side. I learned that she couldn’t participat­e in some sports, which were considered too grueling for girls. In some instances, they didn’t even offer girls sports.

Now, as an athlete, it’s hard to fathom the idea of not being introduced to sports, let alone allowed to play, or that sports weren’t offered because of your sex. My grandmothe­r eventually picked up tennis and, along with my grandfathe­r, had three children, who all picked up a racket and competed in that sport.

The tennis gene would carry on through that side of the family and unfortunat­ely or fortunatel­y, I was the only one not to play. My grandmothe­r was always worried about my choices of soccer (it was too rough) and volleyball (too hard on the body), but most of all she questioned how I would make a living playing those other sports.

Fast forward to 2000, though, and there I was making such a living. My first sponsorshi­p and prize money

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