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“High-capacity magazines have been the accessory of choice for most mass killers in the U.S.,” Newsweek wrote, arguing for tighter regulation. “In this great compromise, that is all the gun controller­s get: a ban on high-capacity magazines and other slaughter accessorie­s, universal background checks and a ban on the public display of weapons.” In June, President Biden signed the most significan­t gun safety law in decades, expanding background checks on minors and red flag laws; weeks later, however, the Supreme Court loosened restrictio­ns on carrying arms in public.


“Snoops, bugs, wiretaps, dossiers, data banks—and specters of 1984,” was how Newsweek referred to new privacy concerns. Over 50 years later, privacy is even more of a contentiou­s issue, with Big Data tracking Americans’ online footprints and using informatio­n to not only predict consumer behavior, but guide it.


“Some modern historians argue that dropping the bomb was not only immoral but unnecessar­y,” Newsweek wrote 50 years after Hiroshima. “Such judgments have the quality of perfect hindsight, declaring not only what we should have done, but... thought.” The U.S. currently admits to 5,550 nuclear weapons, says the Arms Control Associatio­n.

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