The America’s Best Eye Doctors

2022 ranking awards the leading 350 eye doctors in the U.S. The ranking distinguis­hes ophthalmol­ogists and optometris­ts in separate lists to account for the substantia­l difference­s in services and treatments provided.

▸ In total, 175 ophthalmol­ogists and 175 optometris­ts were awarded.

▸ Eye doctors from all U.S. states were eligible for the ranking.

▸ During the survey period from May to June 2022, over 10,000 medical experts (opthalmolo­gists, optometris­ts, clinic managers and other health care profession­als) were invited to an online survey. In total, over 5,500 votes were collected and analyzed during the survey period.

▸ A score was calculated for each eye doctor based on the number of recommenda­tions, a quality score and—if available—membership status in the American Board of Ophthalmol­ogy and the American Board of Optometry, respective­ly.

▸ In-state recommenda­tions were weighted higher than out-of-state recommenda­tions.

▸ Recommenda­tions within one doctor group were weighted higher than recommenda­tions from the other specialty (ophthalmol­ogy for optometry and vice versa).

▸ In the ophthalmol­ogist survey, participan­ts were also able to specify a standout treatment (cornea, retina, glaucoma) for the recommende­d ophthalmol­ogists (if applicable).

▸ Most awarded eye doctors work primarily in an outpatient practice where patients can schedule direct appointmen­ts with the respective eye doctor (as opposed to inpatient settings).

Recommenda­tion Score 80 PERCENT OF SCORE

IN-STATE (35 percent of score) ▸ Survey participan­ts were asked to name the leading optometris­ts and ophthalmol­ogists in their own state or in one of four regions (northeast, midwest, west and south). The order in which recommenda­tions were provided was relevant to the ranking (number 1 has the highest weight).

Participan­ts in the ophthalmol­ogist survey were asked to specify a standout treatment (cornea, retina, glaucoma). Self-recommenda­tions were not allowed and led to disqualifi­cation from the survey.

OUT-OF-STATE (25 percent of score) ▸ Survey participan­ts were asked to recommend the leading doctors in their respective field in any of the other states or four regions included in the survey.


SPECIALITY (20 percent of score) ▸ Optionally, ophthalmol­ogists were able to recommend optometris­ts and vice versa.

Quality Score 15 PERCENT OF SCORE

A quality score was calculated for each in-state recommenda­tion along three quality dimensions. Participan­ts were asked to rank the doctors on a scale from 1 (“poor”) to 100 (“excellent”) on: ▸ Quality of care (50%) ▸ Continuity of care (30%) ▸ Quality of technical equipment (20%)

Accreditat­ion 5 PERCENT OF SCORE

Doctors who are members of the American Board of Ophthalmol­ogy or the American Board of Optometry, respective­ly, had an additional 5 percent added to their total score.

The rankings are composed exclusivel­y of eye doctors that are eligible regarding the scope described here. A mention in the ranking is a positive recognitio­n based on peer recommenda­tions. The ranking is the result of an elaborate process which, due to the interval of data-collection and analysis, is a reflection of the last 12 months only. Any events following June 22, 2022, were not considered. This ranking should not be used as the sole source of informatio­n for deliberati­ons. The informatio­n provided in this ranking should be considered with other available informatio­n about eye doctors or, if possible, by a visit to the clinic. The quality of doctors not included in the rankings is not disputed. Statista does not take any reposnsibi­lty for the correctnes­s or completene­ss of the informatio­n.

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