Antics (2004, MATADOR)

How does a band follow up a hugely successful debut? “I didn’t want us to overthink making the second record with that whole stereotypi­cal sophomore slump kind of thing,” recalls Kessler. “I was definitely trying to encourage the guys, ‘Let’s write in between individual tours.’... The idea was just to write the second record ahead of having any perception­s about any attention on it.”

Our Love to Admire (2007, CAPITOL)

Interpol’s third album was the band’s first and only record for a major label. On the road this year, the band is performing “Pioneer to the Falls” from the album. Fogarino says, “It’s a little quintessen­tial in that first mode of Interpol, with a heavy lyrical content and very weighty emotionall­y, with little rays of hope coming through. But it’s a pretty sad track. It’s a really fun song to play live.”

Interpol (2010, MATADOR)

The self-titled album could be considered transition­al as it was the last to feature bassist Carlos Dengler. “I was little confused with some of the music we were making, though I think what ultimately wound up on that record is some of our best stuff,” Banks, who singled out the album’s “Lights” and “The Undoing” as Interpol’s finest works, told Vice in 2018.

El Pintor (2014, MATADOR)

Now a trio with Banks taking up the bass alongside vocals and rhythm guitar, Interpol released El Pintor, which was hailed at the time as a return to form led by the driving “All the Rage Back Home” and the intense “Everything Is Wrong.” Kessler told The Line of Best Fit in 2014, “We attacked the songs with such vigor...we just didn’t hit any walls this time.”

Marauder (2018, MATADOR)

Interpol turned in another strong effort, graced by such notable tracks as “The Rover,” “If You Really Love Nothing” and “NYSMAW.” Marauder also marked the first time the band worked with Dave Fridmann, whose credits include Spoon, The Flaming Lips and Sleater-kinney.

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