Maiz Mier expands recruitmen­t in one of the best years for building


For more than 60 years Constructo­ra Maiz Mier has grown to be a leading name in the infrastruc­ture industry in Mexico. Nowadays, it is at the heart of many major developmen­t projects in the region, working with global brands such as Costco and Walmart.

With more than 1,200 employees, the business that was founded by José Maiz Mier in Monterrey now operates in Mexico, Central America, Brazil, Argentina and the United States. Focusing on creating business parks, shopping malls and highways, Constructo­ra Maiz Mier has global ambitions to grow further.

The constructi­on business had to navigate the difficulti­es of the pandemic but has now started an employment drive to attract new employees to take on their growing list of projects.

José Maiz García, Director General of Constructo­ra Maiz Mier said: “The crisis of these two years has left us with many lessons and also many losses. 2020 was in fact the worst year in the entire history of Maiz Mier. We had to pay all the staff for three months without being able to work and without receiving any financial aid.

“This year, however, has been a magnificen­t year, one of the best years we have had and the year ahead looks very good. Right now many requests for industrial work projects are coming in.”

With a revenue of nearly $80m the company has a diverse portfolio of projects. Costco is one of the best customers and they have worked closely with Maiz Mier to create many of their showcase stores and warehouses in Mexico.

Maiz Mier has kept an important presence in Mexico whilst gaining internatio­nal recognitio­n for their design, constructi­on and engineerin­g projects.

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