How to embrace tech in contact centers: just Do It Right


Contact centers worldwide are embracing advanced technology and analytics to unlock an array of benefits. Do It Right, a leading Mexican BPO company, is no exception.

Born from the demand for contact centers that could understand and meet customers’ needs, it welcomes technology as a tool to empower and train employees, forge longlastin­g relationsh­ips with partners, and personaliz­e client experience, enabling tremendous growth.

In 2018, they decided to provide services to leading US customers. Three years later the company grew an outstandin­g 300%, with most of its revenue coming from abroad.

Do It Right took the pandemic in its stride embracing the use of technology to adapt quickly. The company incorporat­ed the use of Artificial Intelligen­ce to empower employees and facilitate, and streamline, processes, maximizing their clients goals. “We always have to adapt to changes. If you don’t want changes to happen, changes will happen.”

The company pioneered a work-from-home model. They have been able to better cater to employees such as senior citizens, people with disabiliti­es, and employees with young families, who would otherwise not be able to work in the industry.

They are committed to supporting employees’ profession­al and personal growth, aiming 10 deliver more than technical training, developing skills that enable a healthy working environmen­t and client relations.

Despite the company’s rapid growth, it is determined not to lose its essence as a contact center focused on personaliz­ed customer service. Maintainin­g standards and the human touch is integral to the successful business model CEO Verónica has built throughout the years. “As we are growing fast, our challenge is to grow with quality.”

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