Macropay: 22 Years of growth and expansion


Establishe­d 22 years ago, Macropay has revolution­ized the retail sector in Mexico. They have embarrasse­d and developed technology creating quick, efficient, and reliable ways to offer financial services to clients, such as mobile phone credits and cash loans to those excluded by traditiona­l lenders.

The Mexican company based in Merida has democratiz­ed access to finance by simplifyin­g the process of applying for loans. Typically, it takes weeks for loan applicatio­ns to be reviewed; however, Macropay has pioneered an algorithm that analyzes potential customers’ Facebook accounts and determines the type and conditions of suitable loans in only fifteen minutes.

To encourage prompt payment, the company has developed an app that allows customers to check their next payment date.

Macropay has set itself apart from its competitor­s with its unique physical structure and highly profitable retail shops. When you walk down the streets of Mexico, you are likely to find a Macropay branch just a few meters away.

Present in all Mexican states, Macropay aims to disrupt the market and reinforce the company’s mission of bringing technology to everyone with its ambitious expansion strategy. As part of their aggressive growth, they have been setting up a point of sale every 18 hours, with the goal of launching 600 stores by the end of 2022. This is due to reach 2,000 branches by 2025.

In its growth roadmap, Macropay has also included plans to expand outside Mexico, aiming to reach Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Brazil, among others, through Paguitos Móvil. A new product that offers financing to businesses, enabling them to grow and increase their sales.

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