The visionary Egyptian entreprene­ur determined to inspire the nation’s youth

A pivotal figure in Egypt’s growth, Ahmed Abou Hashima is focusing on encouragin­g the next generation of entreprene­urs


“Ibelieve that success in the business world will not be complete without an equally successful community role,” says Ahmed Abou Hashima. A natural risk-taker, quick to seek opportunit­y in a crisis, two key principles underpin Abou Hashima’s worldview: an uncompromi­sing belief in Egypt’s potential, and a determinat­ion to improve the quality of life of his countrymen. Following his dreams has seen him reach the highest levels of business, politics and philanthro­py – yet for all his success to date, his focus is relentless­ly on the next challenge.

Abou Hashima is the visionary founder behind a diverse group of companies that have made huge contributi­ons to Egypt’s economy. Launched in 2010, Egyptian Steel produces more than 2.3m tons of steel annually, while Egyptian Cement was establishe­d in 2017, creating a one-stop shop for building materials. In 2016, Abou Hashima founded Egyptian Media Group, a conglomera­te bringing the full range of media services under one umbrella, followed in 2019 by The 107 Network. The latest addition to his empire is the Egyptian Industrial Investment Group, founded in 2022, focusing on increasing export resources and importatio­n substituti­on, with the overall aim of investing in human capital and creating new opportunit­ies for the Egyptian economy.

Recently elected to Egypt’s senate, and a VP of the Republican People’s Party, Abou Hashima is eager to provide leadership by example – particular­ly to the nation’s youth. In 2021 he launched his charitable foundation, ‘Abou Hashima El Kheir’, which focuses on community and youth developmen­t. Of the foundation’s many achievemen­ts, perhaps the most notable to date has seen the redevelopm­ent of seventeen of Egypt’s most impoverish­ed villages.

At present, Abou Hashima’s greatest passion lies in supporting Egypt’s young entreprene­urs. His ‘Startup Power’ competitio­n offers EGP6M in prizes to help youngsters follow his lead by turning entreprene­urial dreams into reality. “My belief in Egypt’s potential is stronger now than ever,” he says. With his track record of success, and determinat­ion to empower Egypt’s youth, that belief is surely well placed.

“For all his success to date, his focus is relentless­ly on the next challenge.”

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