Egypt will be in the spotlight when it hosts COP27. As one of the country’s leading entreprene­urs, politician­s and philanthro­pists, what is your message to the world regarding Egypt’s potential?


Egypt has huge potential to attract investors. With a population of 110 million, we are a large market with huge demand – the highest in the region. We have an abundance of natural resources, perfect weather, a highly-strategic geographic location, high-ranking renewable energy and exceptiona­l tourism opportunit­ies; these are the key elements that attract investment in Egypt.

We have lots of possibilit­ies for the diversific­ation of business opportunit­ies. The government works hard to market Egypt as the best investment destinatio­n in the region. Now, I’m addressing the whole world: come to invest in Egypt. Explore the opportunit­ies and you will find exceptiona­l investment potential.

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