Egypt’s leading customer service firm targets global growth

Founded in 2001, Xceed is Egypt’s premier multilingu­al business process outsourcin­g and shared services company


Xceed partners with national, government­al, and internatio­nal clients like Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle and Ericsson to provide a wide array of contact center and shared services, placing an emphasis on adopting the latest technology to deliver a superior customer experience. “Cutting-edge performanc­e in such a dynamic sector is crucial; innovation is an essential factor in our success,” explains CEO Wael Moustapha.

Operating across industries, Xceed serves clients in ten languages across four continents, including the provision of customer services for its parent company, Telecom Egypt. With nine sites located across Egypt, Morocco and Mauritius, the company is well establishe­d in Africa, a platform that leaves it ideally placed to expand into markets in the Middle East, Europe and the US. “We are currently studying opportunit­ies for the right moment of entry,” says Moustapha. “We aim to take Xceed from local to global.”

At the core of the business is its workforce, whose members undergo rigorous training before taking their first call. In a fiercely competitiv­e industry, Xceed prides itself on retaining the best talent by offering dedicated career progressio­n, an attractive company culture, and even language courses to help staff broaden their skills base. The company’s innovative business continuity strategy ensured a smooth transition to work-from-home setups during the pandemic and beyond, and an emphasis is placed on trust, openness and loyalty, empowering employees take ownership of delivering an exceptiona­l customer experience at all times.

Committed to supporting Egypt’s commitment­s under the UN Sustainabl­e Developmen­t Goals, Xceed’s ESG strategy focuses on socio-economic impact, particular­ly improving living standards. The Xceed Impact Sourcing Initiative targeted job creation for rural and underdevel­oped communitie­s in Upper Egypt, while a three-year CSR project, in conjunctio­n with Microsoft, provided free technologi­cal training. “We managed to change the lives of many students and people with special needs,” says Moustapha, “many of them were later provided with jobs here at Xceed .”

“Cutting-edge performanc­e in such a dynamic sector is crucial; innovation is an essential factor” WAEL MOUSTAPHA, CEO OF XCEED

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