NOOR connecting the dots in Egypt’s tech boom

For nearly twenty years, NOOR has been pioneering network and communicat­ions solutions for clients across all sectors


NOOR Data Network is a leading internet solution and network infrastruc­ture provider, serving a portfolio of clients that spans local, multinatio­nal and government­al organizati­ons. Founded 20 years ago, and a pioneer in Egypt’s technologi­cal industry, the company boasts a workforce that has grown to 260 employees, and continues to maintain a strong sense of its core principles. “We are defined by what we do, how we do it and the challenges we overcome for our customers,” explains CEO and founder Basel Dalloul. “This client-centric approach, focusing on their needs and ambitions, has enabled us to gain the loyalty of some of the region’s biggest brands.”

While Dalloul considers himself a technology geek, he retains a passion for art and design. “This unique combinatio­n has shaped my interests as an adult,” he explains. “Several years ago, I founded the Ramzi and Saeda Dalloul Art Foundation in Lebanon to manage and promote my late parents’ vast collection of modern and contempora­ry Arab art.” At over 4,000 pieces, it is the largest museum-quality collection of its kind in the world. “Yet my profession­al background has always been, and remains, in technology.”

With a reputation for attention to detail and technical command of the market, NOOR (Arabic for “Light”) prides itself on its ability to provide tailored solutions. “We work with clients to understand their goals, and design service packages that take them where they want to go at every stage of their journey with us,” says President and COO Fadi Jundi.

With year-on-year growth expected to reach 25% for 2022, NOOR is well-placed to capitalize on Egypt’s strategic position as a gateway to Africa for internet services, the country’s burgeoning investment climate, and the sizeable potential of a domestic market that Jundi describes as “under-served.” Meanwhile, the company’s incubator vehicle, NOOR Cube, and a corporate culture that empowers and supports employees to develop new ideas, evidence the firm’s commitment to innovation. “Today, technology touches every aspect of our lives,” adds Jundi. “At NOOR, we make sure our clients experience this with the greatest simplicity and reliabilit­y.”

“We are defined by what we do.” BASEL DALLOUL CEO AND FOUNDER “Technology touches every aspect of our lives.” FADI JUNDI PRESIDENT AND COO

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