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NEWSWEEK’S RANKING of the 2022 U.K.’S Most Loved Workplaces pays tribute to companies that put respect, caring and appreciati­on for their employees at the center of their business model and, in doing so, have earned the loyalty and respect of the people who work for them.

The list was created in partnershi­p with Best Practice Institute (BPI) and its Most Loved Workplaces® operation, a benchmark research, assessment, and culture change company that studies and identifies the specific management practices that lead to employee motivation and satisfacti­on and has documented the strong link between worker satisfacti­on and productivi­ty and performanc­e. Through its Love of Workplace Index™, BPI and Most Loved Workplace® measure five basic areas to determine how employees feel about where they work to create the Most Loved Workplaces list: the level of collaborat­ion at the firm; how positive workers are about their future at the company; how much employer values align with employee values; respect at all levels and career achievemen­t. Working in consultati­on with Newsweek editors, BPI also considered return-to-office policies, diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging, and other workplace and talent developmen­t initiative­s.

More than 450,000 employees were surveyed at businesses ranging in size from 50 employees to well north of 5,000.

To identify the top 100 companies for the Newsweek ranking, companies were evaluated and scored as follows: 35 percent of the initial score was based on responses to BPI’S proprietar­y Love of Workplace index™. Another 25 percent was derived from analysis of external public ratings from sites such as Comparably, Careerblis­s, Glassdoor, Indeed and Google. The final 40 percent came from direct interviews with and written responses from company officials. Newsweek then conducted additional research into every company on the list and the top runners-up to determine the final list of 100 companies and their rankings. (The list includes U.K. firms and companies with a strong U.K. presence based overseas.)

The rankings combine quantitati­ve and qualitativ­e analysis developed by BPI in partnershi­p with The School of Internatio­nal and Public Affairs at the University of Pittsburgh and featured in the book In Great Company (Mcgraw-hill, 2019) by BPI and Most Loved Workplace founder Louis Carter.

Most Loved Workplaces® is a registered trademark of Best Practice Institute, Inc.

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