Christina Ricci


Rarely does a performanc­e, let alone one by a child actor, become a cultural reset for an entire generation. That’s exactly what happened when Christina Ricci first played Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family movie (1991). “There have been many iterations of her, because she’s really a character that the fans have owned.” Calling Wednesday “a figurehead in a way,” Ricci points out that the love for her is so strong, “there are memes with lines she never said.” Now Ricci is helping usher in a new era of the character with Netflix’s series Wednesday (November 23), where she’ll play a teacher in the school attended by Wednesday (Jenna Ortega). The path from child star to acclaimed adult actor appeared seamless for Ricci, although she says “it didn’t feel that way, but I’m glad it looks that way,” saying “I definitely got lucky.” Soon she’ll return to her Emmy-nominated role of Misty in Yellowjack­ets (Showtime). “I’ve been so happy that people responded to the show this way. It’s wonderful to be a part of something that’s new and different and really inspiring for people.”

“She’s really a character that the fans have owned.”

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