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“China is slowing more rapidly than we thought and isn’t as smart as we believed,” wrote Newsweek of the impact of the country’s economic slowdown. “The stunning drop in global commodity prices has been driven not only by the marked slowdown in China’s overall growth but also in the compositio­n of that growth. The massive build-out over the past decade of both infrastruc­ture and residentia­l real estate is no longer the catalyst for China’s economy.” This year China’s GDP is forecast to grow by 4.4 percent, the slowest year in four decades, throttled by restrictiv­e COVID policies.


“The newest frontier in cancer research is the environmen­t itself,” Newsweek said, with many experts regarding it “as a far more significan­t source of cancer than aberrant cellular mutation.” a 2022 report says environmen­tal pollution caused 10 percent of all cancer cases in Europe.


“A swarm of negotiator­s move towards the climax of a complex deal to free the 52 American hostages by returning Iran’s frozen assets,” Newsweek wrote. Last month, the u.s. and russia conducted a prisoner exchange, trading russian arms dealer Viktor Bout for Wnba star Brittney Griner.

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