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“The specialist­s inside Mission Control were well aware that the complex machines they put into space and then hope to bring home again are potential deathtraps,” Newsweek wrote of Space Shuttle Columbia’s explosion. “The rest of us forget, until a tragedy occurs, and the nation and the world are left mourning.” After the Space Shuttle program retired in 2011, NASA initiated the super heavy-lift Space Launch System: Artemis 1 launched last November as its first flight; Artemis 2, set for 2024, will be its first crewed mission and take humans around the moon.


“almost overnight, the Mideast oil producers have become a potent economic force,” Newsweek wrote. “The oil sheiks… may bring chaos.” Tensions between the u.s. and Saudi arabia escalated in October when OPEC Plus voted to reduce oil production, an unexpected outcome of President biden’s negotiatio­n trip.


Companies “staff conference booths with scantily clad ‘code-babes,’” Newsweek said, and “women are so routinely sexually harassed... that codes of conduct have become de rigueur.” In 2022, the Senate passed legislatio­n that forbids companies from requiring mandatory arbitratio­n for harassment cases—notoriousl­y ubiquitous in the tech industry.

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