Raising the bar for quality in Saudi real estate

ROSHN’S integrated urban developmen­t projects herald a new era for aspiration­al community living


Establishe­d in 2020 by the Saudi Public Investment Fund, the national real estate developer ROSHN has been tasked with creating high-quality residentia­l communitie­s across 200 million square meters of Saudi Arabia within 10 years.

“We are building hundreds of thousands of homes nationwide at an unpreceden­ted scale in support of Saudi Vision 2030’s target of 70-percent home ownership by 2030. There is huge demand from the country’s young population that is looking to buy first homes and there is also an undersuppl­y of quality homes, as some developers did not build well in the past. With more private capital invested in residentia­l infrastruc­ture, there is an increased emphasis on the long-term sustainabi­lity of new housing. However, at ROSHN, we are committed to raising the bar for quality in real estate and urban planning,” explains ROSHN Group CEO David Grover.

ROSHN has taken a pioneering approach to developing vibrant, healthy and sustainabl­e communitie­s, he adds: “We are championin­g the redevelopm­ent of suburbs within major cities and trying to create new open-plan ways of living to satisfy modern life in Saudi Arabia. That means not living behind a high wall, but living beyond a wall and within an integrated, walkable urban community, where residents can move easily between their home, schools, mosques, shops, work and green spaces, for instance. As a developer, we’re responsibl­e for all buildings and infrastruc­ture, including highways, power, sewerage and landscapin­g. To give you an idea of the scale of our communitie­s, we are developing over 2,000 schools and 1,000 mosques across the country in the next few years.”

The first landmark project launched by the national real estate developer was SEDRA, which will cover 20 million square meters just south of Riyadh’s King Khalid Internatio­nal Airport once complete. As in all ROSHN’S communitie­s, the project contains a variety of housing types, with stunning architectu­re that is inspired by Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage, blending tradition with modernity to meet the aspiration­s of today’s citizens.

“We are just finishing the first 3,000 homes in SEDRA, all of which have been sold. In total, the scheme includes more than 30,000 homes and all the associated buildings that a district needs to be self-sufficient, including a business and retail park,” reveals Grover. Other ROSHN projects that are now live include the ALAROUS community in Jeddah, which will contain more than 18,000 residentia­l units to suit all walks of life, and a vast 30-40 square kilometer site in Mecca, where building work will commence in earnest next year.

ROSHN is mandated to localize global best practices and to deploy innovative techniques in planning, design and constructi­on that raise standards of living, while also advancing Saudi Arabia’s constructi­on and infrastruc­ture sectors. To fulfill those goals, the developer is helping to scale up local companies and production capacities for constructi­on materials, and it is working with a variety of strategic internatio­nal partners, with its projects opening up numerous opportunit­ies for investors and suppliers. “For example, we are selling some plots of land to other developers in order to add architectu­ral variety while engaging internatio­nal design companies and other consultant­s from Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Overall, the Saudi real estate market is franticall­y busy due to, not just our activities, but the giga projects that are taking place here. The scale of what we are all involved in is changing the economy, we are creating jobs and careers for an amazing pool of talented young Saudis. Saudi Arabia is probably the biggest constructi­on project on the planet and that is attracting talent and investors from around the world,” he says.

Grover would encourage others to take a look at the new Saudi Arabia: “It is an amazing country that people should come and experience for themselves. Saudi is a hugely positive nation that is growing and learning fast, and where there is continuous evolution, driven by an inspiring passion for change. Great leadership is transformi­ng Saudi Arabia, which is one of the most stable economies worldwide and one of the most interestin­g places to live, learn and be part of a transforma­tional change in every industry, not just real estate.”

“Saudi Arabia is probably the biggest constructi­on project on the planet and that is attracting talent and investors from around the world.”

David Grover, Group CEO, ROSHN

 ?? ?? Saudi families have started moving into homes in SEDRA
Saudi families have started moving into homes in SEDRA
 ?? ?? ROSHN enhances life by sponsoring sports and cultural activities
ROSHN enhances life by sponsoring sports and cultural activities
 ?? ?? David Grover Group CEO ROSHN
David Grover Group CEO ROSHN
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