Trailblaze­r for a sustainabl­e maritime industry

The Saudi Arabian maritime giant Bahri is connecting economies through excellence in transporta­tion and logistics


As one of the leading operators in the global maritime industry, the Saudi National Shipping Company, Bahri, is playing a pivotal role in Saudi Arabia’s efforts to develop, strengthen and diversify its economy.

In the first nine months of 2022, Bahri recorded a 54 percent year-on-year increase in its revenues to around $1.6 billion, thanks to upswings within its shipping-focused divisions: oil, logistics, chemicals, dry bulk and ship management. “The results reflect the robustness and resilience of our business strategy—boosting our capabiliti­es, enhancing our product offering and increasing efficiency are at the core of this strategy. The performanc­e also mirrors our commitment to adding value for shareholde­rs and advancing Saudi Arabia’s maritime logistics and transporta­tion sectors,” says Chairman Mohammed Abdulaziz Alsarhan.

With Saudi Arabia occupying a privileged location at the crossroads of trade routes between Asia, Europe and Africa, one of Bahri’s objectives is to support the nation’s transforma­tion into a global logistics hub. To help achieve this, the company is forging partnershi­ps. “These include our joint venture with Bolloré, one of the largest transport and logistics operators in the world, which has enabled us to offer end-to-end logistics solutions. Additional­ly, we have signed an agreement with Saudi Ports Authority to build and operate an integrated 95,436-square-meter logistics park at Jeddah Islamic Port. Bahri’s vision is to create value and share prosperity by connecting economies through excellence in global logistics solutions, which aligns with Saudi Arabia’s maritime ambitions and Vision 2030,” explains Alsarhan.

Bahri is also contributi­ng to Vision 2030 by empowering and developing local talent, and by accelerati­ng the transfer of technology into the country, he adds: “For example, we have establishe­d Internatio­nal Maritime Industries, a joint venture with Saudi Aramco, Lamprell and Hyundai Heavy Industries. Together, we are developing a maritime yard that will support the shipbuildi­ng industry’s growth and produce state-of-the-art vessels.”

Those vessels will adhere to the highest environmen­tal standards and Bahri’s newest business division also embodies the company’s pro-environmen­t philosophy. “Through Bahri Marine, we are establishi­ng three floating stations to desalinate seawater that have been designed to preserve the shallow-sea ecosystem. These stations will supply high-quality potable water for use across the country,” says Alsarhan. “At Bahri, we recognize the unique opportunit­y we have to address social and environmen­tal challenges, and we place a strong focus on incorporat­ing sustainabl­e practices into every area of our business,” he concludes.

 ?? ?? A globally leading company in full logistics and transporta­tion
A globally leading company in full logistics and transporta­tion
 ?? ?? Mohammed Abdulaziz Alsarhan Chairman, Bahri
Mohammed Abdulaziz Alsarhan Chairman, Bahri

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