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After 100 years, Tamer Group is still leading the way to a brighter future


The Tamer Group has been dedicated to creating a brighter and healthier future since 1922, when your grandfathe­r founded Saudi Arabia’s first pharmacy. 100 years later, Tamer is a leading healthcare and wellness group with worldclass capabiliti­es in manufactur­ing, logistics and e-commerce that is active across the region. As chairman of a group which has always been a driver of national developmen­t, is the Vision 2030 plan also helping to build a better future?

Vision 2030 is becoming a reality. The next generation is now included on the raft of economic developmen­t; environmen­tal, social and corporate governance is embraced; and local content is encouraged in healthcare, which has created employment and technology transfer. A lot of the plan’s initiative­s—such as liberating society and encouragin­g local content—are the reasons we are here today. The Tamer Group has a fiercely strong conviction linked to Vision 2030.

As well as being a trusted logistics partner for global companies in health, wellness and other sectors, Tamer is a major producer of pharmaceut­icals and medical devices. How do its manufactur­ing partnershi­ps create value?

Our Saja venture with Daiichi-sankyo and Astellas started in 1995. It is enjoying growth and is now focused on the specialty business. In addition, our partners have made a 50-year commitment regarding tech transfer. Another example is with Mölnlycke, a Swedish company that makes disposable medical trays for procedures in operating rooms. When you use disposable trays that are customized to the doctor’s exact needs, there is more control, safety and we can triple the number of procedures, which brings down costs and boosts revenues. It is a disruptive technology with huge potential for growth in Saudi Arabia.

With over 4,000 employees, Tamer has a diverse and inclusive workforce. It is also considered to be among the best places to work by young Saudi talents, both male and female. Why does it have this reputation?

We are transformi­ng into a culture that nurtures and encourages talent. For example, half of our incentive and rewards system for management is based on building the organizati­on and developing people. Smart people like to be challenged: one needs to give them an environmen­t that is fair and allows them to prosper, learn and be recognized. We are a 100-year-old company, but almost half of our workforce are millennial­s and this keeps us young.

Tamer has seen around double-digit growth in its revenues over the last decade. What are your future expectatio­ns?

We forecast good growth and want to focus on ensuring that we address our own goals and those of Vision 2030. I foresee further collaborat­ion and engagement in the public-private sector, and we will try to remain agile, innovative and diversify to serve my country and the region’s needs.

 ?? ?? Ayman Tamer Chairman Tamer Group
Ayman Tamer Chairman Tamer Group

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