Pioneering approach to digitaliza­tion

Tamer Group’s digital innovation­s are transformi­ng Saudi and the region


One prominent way in which the Tamer Group is steering national and regional modernizat­ion is through its pioneering investment­s into innovative digital systems and customer-centric services.

For instance, in 2021 it acquired a majority stake in Mumzworld, the region’s largest mother and child e-commerce platform that provides customers in 20 countries with access to products from 5,500 global brands. “Mumzworld has been a strategic investment and part of our drive towards technology, digitaliza­tion and business-to-consumer activities,” says Ayman Tamer. “Besides the holistic advantage gained by sharing verticals in our areas of specializa­tion, the group has strong logistics capabiliti­es that further Mumzworld’s needs.”

The group has also cemented its position as a leader in e-health services with its launch of a unique digital procuremen­t platform for Saudi pharmacies, clinics and hospitals this year. In addition, Tamer is investing in digital tools to meet its ambitious environmen­tal, social and governance (ESG) goals. “We moved to the corporate social responsibi­lity model over 25 years ago, supporting education, helping the underprivi­leged and empowering women. Now we are evolving into ESG,” he states. Tamer aims to address all of the World Economic Forum’s required ESG metrics within three years, with 40 percent of them being covered in 2022. According to the chairman: “2023 will see us tackle the remaining relevant metrics, some of which will be developed through data analytics so they can be constantly measured.”

As a standard bearer for digitaliza­tion and sustainabi­lity, Tamer will continue to be a key contributo­r to the country’s rapid economic and societal transforma­tion. “Saudi is going through an exciting period and there are great opportunit­ies ahead. We welcome foreign investment, and we are more than willing to support, encourage and co-invest with internatio­nal partners.”

“We are more than willing to support, encourage and co-invest with internatio­nal partners.”

Ayman Tamer, Chairman, Tamer Group

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