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“A Hollywood that often tends to shrug off its intermitte­nt, gaudy scandals of sex and drugs is plainly running scared,” Newsweek said of business practices which “started with an isolated case of corporate embezzleme­nt .... Show-business figures—fed up with what they contend is a pattern of deceit and distrust—are breaking movieland’s traditiona­l code of silence to tell their stories about padded budgets, secret payoffs and kickbacks.” Last year, former chief executive of Aviron Pictures William Sadleir pled guilty to federal fraud and money laundering charges of over $30 million dollars.


“For South African President F. W. de Klerk, the decision finally to release Mandela was the biggest throw of the dice yet in a historic wager,” Newsweek said. On January 8, South Africa’s ruling African National Congress party which Mandela had led marked its 111th anniversar­y.


“Some managers compare layoffs to amputation: that sometimes you have to cut off a body part to save the whole,” Newsweek wrote. but “layoffs are more like bloodletti­ng, weakening the entire organism.” Silicon Valley’s recent mass layoffs continued with announceme­nts by Microsoft to sack 10,000 workers and Google’s cut of 12,000 employees.

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