Newsweek Turns 90


FROM OUR FIRST ISSUE ON FEBRUARY 17, 1933, Newsweek has been committed to journalism that is factual and fair, aiming to inform readers not just about the most important news developmen­ts of the week but also to provide insights and perspectiv­es to help make sense of them. In the nine decades since, the world has changed, evolved and become, many would argue, increasing­ly polarized. What remains the same: our dedication to bringing you the highest-quality journalism, our belief that good-faith debate is in the public interest and our welcoming of diverse views and voices to the search for common ground.

Looking back at Newsweek covers over the past 90 years is a time capsule of sorts, showcasing the breadth of our coverage and some common themes. War is a constant, political shenanigan­s come in as a close second, science is an ongoing fascinatio­n and pop culture a pleasurabl­e escape from everyday troubles. Through it all, Newsweek has continued to play a major role in American culture, helping to define, explain and advance the national conversati­on. We hope to do the same for the next 90 years—and more.

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