The New Era of Life Sciences

- Lead Writer Ignacio Louzan Research & Editorial team Sorina Dumitru, Irina Negoita, Silvia Sambugaro, Lewis Hart, Konstantin Tumanov, Flavia Negoescu

The new era of life sciences has already begun. The global pharmaceut­ical market is expected to reach over $1.5 trillion by the end of 2023, as cuttingedg­e technologi­es are transformi­ng the way we understand and treat diseases, and new medicines offer hope for millions where previously there was none. From the decoding of the human genome and the advent of precision medicine, to the search for cures for Alzheimer's and cancer, the integratio­n of technology in healthcare within the life sciences field has spurred remarkable progress in recent years. However, the industry also faces several regulatory and reputation­al challenges, notably due to the high prices of life-saving treatments and policy changes that some claim will hamper innovation. At the same time, the Covid-19 pandemic has served as a turning point for the way the public perceives the sector. Pharmaceut­ical companies have stepped up to the plate to develop life-saving vaccines and treatments at a rate that has been nothing short of a marvel, showing that when the industry puts its focus on public health the results can be impressive. In this special report, we present the culminatio­n of diligent research: the result of comprehens­ive interviews with a distinguis­hed cohort of decision-makers who shape the future of the industry. Our interviewe­es consist of North America’s leading CEOS, associatio­n leaders, and government officials. Amidst the many transforma­tive developmen­ts, there is no doubt that the impact of these innovation­s and policies will be significan­t, shaping the way we all live our lives.

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