Precision Medicine

& Cancer Immunother­apies


These advances and cost reductions in genomics have paved the way for the developmen­t of precision medicine: treatments tailored to the unique genetic profile of patients. VP of Genomic Health at 23andme, Noura Abul-husn, states that “the push of people seeking genetic informatio­n on their own is a driving force behind personaliz­ed medicine,” something unimaginab­le only 20 years ago when the first project to sequence the human genome was finally completed. Unlike traditiona­l approaches, as Sadik Kassim, CTO of Genomic Medicines at Danaher tells us, personaliz­ed medicine helps to “identify the mutations that could cause diseases, and intervene with maximum precision and swiftness to correct or modify the genetic cause." This opens doors for medical profession­als to design treatments that are more effective and less toxic.

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