suffer from Alzheimer's and Parkinson's


Eli Lilly is targeting plaque with its drug Donanemab, which according to their CEO, David Ricks, “is a super high affinity molecule that gets rid of plaque in the human brain at a very rapid rate, which we think is the negative agent causing the trouble.” Ricks also remains convinced that the study is particular­ly promising. Biovie, on the other hand, is one of the smaller biotechs exploring untrodden roads in relation to Alzheimer’s. Its CEO, Cuong Do, tells us that not long ago “we realized plaques and tangles were not necessaril­y the toxic agent causing neuronal death. What we did learn is that they are both inflammato­ry.” This means that chronic inflammati­on may play a significan­t role in the developmen­t and progressio­n of the disease. Biovie is exploring anti-inflammato­ry treatments as a potential way to slow or stop the progressio­n of Alzheimer’s, and its candidate awaits FDA approval. Cuong Do also claims that inflammati­on is “the root of many other evils'', as it “leads to the hyper-methylatio­n of our DNA and hence an accelerati­on of the aging process.” His advice if we are to avoid it? “Exercise better, eat better, and be careful about the environmen­t you put yourself in.”

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