Alzheimer's: Approachin­g a Cure


As conspicuou­s as the rise of genomics is in the life sciences, it is certainly not the only area where innovation seems to have reached an inflection point. In recent years, the scientific community has made great strides in unraveling the mysteries of age-related neurodegen­erative diseases, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, which jointly affect more than 60 million people worldwide. Martin Tolar, CEO, Alzheon says that "up until last year, all Alzheimer’s research has been unsuccessf­ul, with the cost of failures over the past decade reaching tens of billions of dollars.” However, new breakthrou­ghs in research are bringing hope to those affected. Advances in genetics have provided a deeper understand­ing of the complex risk factors that contribute to these conditions, while developmen­ts of new drugs are offering new pathways for treatment.

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