Lans­dale to dis­trib­ute sur­vey re­gard­ing trash ser­vice

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Would a sin­gle bor­ough­wide trash hauler have more Eene­fiWV Rr GrDwEDFNV IRr Lans­dale’s res­i­dents? What GR reVLGenWV pDy IRr WrDVK haul­ing now, and what do they think about those ser­vices?

Those are ques­tions bor­ough coun­cil has started to GLVFuVV DnG D GrDIW Vur­vey is in the works that will ask res­i­dents those ques­tions, and many more, as it starts a con­ver­sa­tion on whether to move to­ward a sin­gle hauler.

“7Kere Dre RIWen WLPeV D very knee-jerk re­ac­tion. Ev­ery­one thinks, ‘Gov­ern­ment is rapidly over­reach­ing,’ and ev­ery­one has hor­ror sto­ries about ter­ri­ble im­ple­men­ta­tion prob­lems,” said Coun­cil­man Dan Du­ni­gan.

“HRw­ever, WKere Dre RIWen con­sid­er­able pos­i­tives that FDn FRPe IrRP D weOO VWruFWureG prR­grDP – PDny RI us en­dure those trash trucks out at 5:15 a.m. or seven re­cy­cling trucks per day,” he said.

2WKer Eene­fiWV FRuOG in­clude qual­ity con­trol, less wear and tear on bor­ough streets and higher grDnW IunGLng EDVeG Rn WKe DPRunWV RI PDWerLDO reFy­cled by the bor­ough, while other draw­backs could in­clude poor ser­vice and lack RI FRVW FRnWrRO.

FRr WKe firVW WLPe :eGneV­day night, coun­cil re­viewed a sur­vey that will weigh WKRVe Eene­fiWV DgDLnVW WKRVe draw­backs.

Coun­cil’s ad­min­is­traWLRn DnG finDnFe FRPPLWWee revLeweG D GrDIW Vur­vey de­vel­oped by engi­neer­ing con­sul­tants Remington, Ver­nick & Beach and bor­ough com­mu­ni­ca­tions co­or­di­na­tor 7rDFy FOynn WKDW DVNV DOO RI those ques­tions, and more: which hauler do you use, how much do you pay, do you sep­a­rate re­cy­clables and wKDW IDFWRrV GR yRu ORRN IRr in choos­ing your hauler?

7KDW Vur­vey LV Ln GrDIW IRrP VR IDr, EuW FRunFLO PePEerV DnG VWDII wLOO Ee VeeNLng WKe puEOLF’V IeeGEDFN VRRn, DV RVB and bor­ough coun­cil eval­u­ate what the bor­ough’s res­i­dents want and the pos­siEOe Eene­fiWV DnG GrDwEDFNV.

“What peo­ple don’t re­al­ize is that you’ve got to take D ORW RI WKLngV LnWR DFFRunW: it’s not just pick­ing up, you have to deal with dis­posal, reFyFOLng, DnG PDnGDWeV RI things – in­clud­ing a Christ­mas tree pickup – to make sure you’re in com­pli­ance with all statutes,” said RVB en­gi­neer Chris Fazio.

Trash com­pa­nies across WKe FRunWry ELG IRr PunLFL­pal­i­ties’ busi­ness in what Fazio termed “an ex­tremely FRPpeWLWLve fieOG – PuOWLPLOOLRn GROODr ELGV GLIIer by $10,000 or $100,000” be­cause com­pa­nies seek con­tracts to carry trash and reFyFODEOeV IrRP Dn enWLre mu­nic­i­pal­ity at once.

Lans­dale is only start­ing talks on whether it makes sense to pro­ceed and the sur­vey LV WKe firVW VWep Ln gDWKerLng IeeGEDFN IrRP ERrRugK res­i­dents on what they want, what they use and what they pay.

“The sur­vey is a com­ponenW RI wKDW we wDnW WR GR. We may choose to have a FRupOe RI Rpen-KRuVe Wype dis­cus­sions and maybe get a group to­gether to help us weigh the pros and cons, be­cause what we do will im­pact ev­ery­body,” Du­ni­gan said.

“Peo­ple think in­tu­itively, ‘No, I want to pick my own [hauler] be­cause I can drive the best deal.’ Well, we’ve got ur­ban den­sity here and ur­ban den­sity can drive a deal” with in­ter­ested haul­ing com­pa­nies, Du­ni­gan said.

Would the sin­gle hauler be reVpRnVLEOe IRr WrDVK IrRP busi­nesses as well as res­i­dents? That’s an­other ques- WLRn up IRr GLVFuVVLRn, DORng with the best times and days RI WKe weeN IRr FROOeFWLRn and how much ed­u­ca­tion the bor­ough or hauler could pro­vide about re­cy­cling and sep­a­rat­ing ma­te­ri­als.

&RunFLO PePEerV DnG VWDII wLOO GLreFW WKeLr IeeGEDFN Rn WKe GrDIW Vur­vey WR FOynn EeIRre LW’V VenW RuW WR WKe puEOLF and the bor­ough com­mu­ni­ca­tions com­mis­sion could add its in­put when that body meets Oct. 15. The ad­min­isWrDWLRn DnG finDnFe FRPPLW­tee meets again Nov. 7 and wLOO revLew WKe ne[W GrDIW RI the sur­vey.

2nFe WKe Vur­vey LV GrDIWeG, it will be avail­able in pa­per IRrP DW ERrRugK EuLOGLngV, on­line via the bor­ough’s web­site, www.Lans­, and its so­cial me­dia chan­nels and pub­li­cized through bor­ough mail­ings.

6WDII DnG ERrRugK FRunFLO wLOO FRPELne Vur­vey IeeGback with data gath­ered IrRP D FRnVuOWDnW VWuGy WKe bor­ough is­sued in 2006 that ORRNeG LnWR WKe IeDVLELOLWy DnG Eene­fiWV RI D VLngOe KDuOer EDFN WKen, EeIRre PDNLng any de­ci­sions and while askLng IRr puEOLF Ln­puW DORng ev­ery VWep RI WKe GLVFuVVLRn and de­ci­sion-mak­ing process.

“Putting that re­port out there is what re­ally turns this into what I think is our in­ten­tion, which is to make this ed­u­ca­tional, so that we KDve D weOO LnIRrPeG puElic,” said Bor­ough Man­ager Timi Kirch­ner.


Trash haulers make a pickup at the Stan­bridge Apart­ments in Lans­dale Thurs­day morn­ing. Bor­ough of­fi­cials are work­ing on a sur­vey to de­ter­mine whether hir­ing a sin­gle hauler for trash ser­vice is the right de­ci­sion for Lans­dale.

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