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,n these ecRnRPLc GLI­fi­cuOt times, both Pres­i­dent Obama and Gover­nor Rom­ney are aware that hav­ing a job might Ee the PRst LPSRr­tant gRaO IRr Amer­i­cans.

Some­times, how­ever, par­ents anG IrLenGs recRPPenG just IROORwLng Ln the IaPLOy’s IRRt­steSs Ln­steaG RI ORRkLng Rver the hRri­zon for some­thing dif­fer­ent. A taLORr’s sRn shRuOG Ee a taLORr; a Eutcher’s RIIsSrLng shRuOG Oearn the Peat EusL­ness.

ThLs Ls aOO weOO anG gRRG Eut a Sar­ent shRuOG suSSRrt a chLOG who has never-end­ing de­ter­mi­natLRn tR finG suc­cess Ln anRther di­rec­tion.

Leon Le­d­er­man was born in New YRrk CLty Ln 1922. HLs Sar­ents were Rus­s­Lan--ewLsh LPPL­grants anG hLs Iather’s Rc­cuSatLRn was a hanG OaunGry. LeRn graGu­ateG IrRP a hLgh schRRO Ln the SRuth BrRnx anG went Rn tR get a EacheORr’s Ge­gree IrRP the CLty CROOege RI New YRrk Ln 1943.

He sSent three years Ln the ArPy GurLng WRrOG War ,, anG caPe Eack anG at­tenGeG CROuPELa UnLver­sLty, where he re­ceLveG a Paster’s Ge­gree Ln 1948 anG a Ph.D. Ln 1951.

At CROuPELa, LeGer­man be­came a pro­fessRr RI ShysLcs. ,n 1956 Le­d­er­man dis­cov­ered a new atRPLc SartLcOe. ,n 1962, wLth twR cROOeagues, he GLscRvereG a suEatRPLc SartLcOe, the PuRn neu­trLnR. The neu­trLnR has nR eOec­tric charge and passes thrRugh ev­ery­thLng Ln the unL­verse LncOuGLng Earth.

,n 1977 he GLscRvereG anRther suEatRPLc SartLcOe knRwn as the ERt­tRP Tuark. These SartLcOes are the EuLOGLng EORcks RI SrRtRns anG neu­trRns IRunG Ln atRPs.

,n 1993 LeGerPan wrRte a PRst suc­cessIuO ERRk caOOeG, “The GRG PartLcOe. ,I the UnL- verse Ls the An­swer What Ls the QuestLRn?” The ERRk was cRau­thRreG wLth DLck TeresL. The ERRk GLs­cusses sRPethLng caOOeG the HLggs SartLcOe, whLch was just GLscRvereG Ln 2012. CRsPRORgLsts anG SartLcOe ShysLcLsts have Eeen ORRkLng IRr the HLggs SartLcOe IRr nearOy three Gecades. It gives mass to atRPLc SartLcOes anG LI nRt IRunG, wRuOG have reTuLreG SartLcOe Shysics to be rewrit­ten.

NR Rne wRuOG have thRught that a chLOG IrRP the BrRnx wRuOG have be­come one of the PRst IaPRus ShysLcLsts Ln hLs­tory.

,t takes an Ln­ner GrLvLng IRrce, the neeG tR Oearn anG Ser­se­ver­ance. We wRnGer hRw Pany Rther chLOGren PLght have sLPLOar ac­cRP­SOL­sh­Pents.

SROvLng SrREOePs that PLght never have a re­warGLng use Ls a reaO chaOOenge. Even nRw the GRG SartLcOe (naPeG Ey LeGerPan) PLght nRt finG use.

We Sre­sent a OLst RI strange Iacts aERut Rur unL­verse that stLOO neeG exSOaLnLng:

Neu­trLnRs are suEatRPLc SartLcOes that GRn’t carry any eOec­trLc charge. Be­cause RI that they can Sass rLght thrRugh the Earth wLthRut sORwLng GRwn Rr Ln­ter­ac­tLng.

Dark Pat­ter: ThLs Pakes uS 23 Ser­cent RI the Pass-en­ergy cRn­tent RI the unL­verse. SurSrLsLngOy, aOO the stars anG SOanets, LI Sut tRgether, RnOy Pake uS 4.6 Ser­cent RI aOO the Pat­ter Ln the unL­verse. AnG we thLnk there’s a ORt RI stars Rut Rn a Gark nLght Ln the cRun­try!

Dark en­ergy: an un­knRwn en­tLty resSRn­sLEOe IRr the exSan­sLRn RI the unL­verse. ,t Ls thRught tR cause Rur unL­verse tR exSanG anG RverSRwer gravLty’s at­trac­tion.

BeIRre the BLg Bang: Ac­cRrGLng tR Rne theRry, the unL­verse cRn­sLsts RI Pany EuEEOes anG when Rne Eursts, a unL­verse as we knRw Lt cRPes LntR exLs­tence. There may be many of these PuOtL­verses Rut there.

En­tangOePent: SartLcOes that are en­tangOeG Pay Ee Rn RSSRsLte sLGes RI the unL­verse. When Rne SartLcOe Ls turneG, the SartLcOe Rn the RSSRsLte sLGe RI the unL­verse aOsR turns. These are far­ther apart than the speed of OLght cRuOG traveO tR exSOaLn hRw they in­ter­act.

Saturn: The secRnG Oargest SOanet Ln Rur sROar sys­teP has such a ORw cRn­cen­tratLRn RI Pat­ter, Lt cRuOG flRat Ln a Eath­tuE RI wa­ter LI there were a tuE Oarge enRugh.

The unL­verse Ls a strange SOace. We knRw a ORt aERut Lt Eut each year the nuPEer RI unan­swereG TuestLRns seePs tR Ln­crease. Per­haps some­one read­ing this cROuPn wLOO GeveORS a OLIetLPe Ln­ter­est Ln suEatRPLc SartLcOes and come forth with more an­swers aERut Rur unL­verse, OLke an­other Leon Le­d­er­man.

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