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Wed­nes­dayI Oct. 1MI was World Men­tal Health Day. AOWKRuJK WKH dDy KDs SDssHd, ev­ery day can be a day to help save a life. It does lit­tle good to tell some­one that there are other peo­ple feel­ing worse.

In the rnited States mil­i­tary around the world and hereI at homeI in both the armed ser­vices and the civil­ian pop­u­la­tionI sui­cide is in­creas­ing at an alarm­ing rate.

In the last 4R yearsI sui­cide rates have in­creased SM per­cent world­wide.

AFFRUdLnJ WR WKH :RUOd Health Or­ga­ni­za­tion de­pres­sion af­fects more than PRM mil­lion peo­ple of all ages.

bvery 1P. T min­utes some­one in the rnited States dies of sui­cide.

AFFRUdLnJ WR WKH APHULFDn coun­da­tion for Sui­cide Preven­tionI in OM1MI P8IPS4 peo­ple died from sui­cideI an up­swing from 1999 when O9I199 took their own lives.

AOWKRuJK WKH SRSuODWLRn steadily in­creasedI the death rate per 1MMIMMM pop­u­la­tion has risen faster.

The in­crease in sui­cide is a ma­jor prob­lem in the mil­i­taryI youth RI APHULFD Dnd WKH el­derly.

7KH AUPy suL­cide rate in July was the high­est for one month with P8 deathsI a OO per­cent in­crease. The men­tal health rates have risen SR per­cent in the mil­i­tary since OMMM with 9PSIMMM troops hav­ing at least one men­tal health prob­lem.

When ques­tioned by health pro­fes­sion­alsI there was a de­sire to end in­tense emo­tional stress.

A sWudy RI sWudHnWs UHvHDOHd that T. 8 per­cent had at­tempted sui­cide one or more times dur­ing the 1O months be­fore the sur­vey and 1R. 8 per­cent of students had con­sid­ered at­tempt­ing sui­cide in the pre­vi­ous 1O months.

The thoughtsI plan­ning and at­tempts at sui­cide were higher among young adults 18 to O9 years old than among adults aged PM or older.

Sui­cide is the fourth lead­ing cause of death among those aged R to 14 years and is the third lead­ing cause of death among those 1R to O4 years old. Mean­whileI the sui­cide rate for men rises with age. In men over age SRI the sui­cide rate is seven times that of fe­males over SR.

The sta­tis­tics on sui­cide are fright­en­ing and the in­crease of sui­cide is alarm­ing. We won­der what has hap­pened and what can be done.

cor a coun­tryI the rnited States ranked P8th in the world with 1T. T male deaths and 4. R fe­male deaths per 1MMIMMM pop­u­la­tion in OM11.

Lithua­nia with S1. P male and 1M. 4 fe­male deaths in OM11 had the high­est in­ci­dence of sui­cide for a coun­try. The Rus­sian ced­er­a­tion had RP. 9 male and 9. R fe­male deaths by sui­cide in OMMS.

In­ter­est­ing­lyI bgypt re­ported M. 1 male death and M fe­male deaths by sui­cide in OMM9. World­wideI the male sui­cide rate is close to five times higher for males than fe­males.

It should be men­tioned that al­though the male sui­cide rate is highI women at­tempt sui­cide three times as of­ten as men.

Sui­ci­dal thoughts or ten­den­cies to act are an emer­gency. In most cas­esI the per­son is de­pressed and might have used al­co­hol or sub­stance abuse as “self treat­ment.”

To save a life re­quires im­me­di­ate help. The per­son may plan the use of a gun or have other thoughts on how to end life.

A SURIHssLRnDO, suFK Ds D psy­chi­a­trist or cri­sis cen­ter per­son­nel must be in­volvedI im­me­di­ately. The sui­ci­dal pa­tient must not be left alone.

It should be men­tioned that a sui­ci­dal per­son might sud­denly deny thoughts of sui­cide or seem to un­der­stand the se­ri­ous­ness of the sit­u­a­tion and seem to take ev­ery­thing lightly as if plan­ning to get fu­ture help.

Sui­ci­dal ten­den­cies re­quire im­me­di­ate help by a pro­fessLRnDO. CDOO 911. DRn’W UHOy on a pep talk.

Health & Sci­ence Dr. Mil­ton Fried­man

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